April 7, 2022

Open call for articles and online Laboratories on radical learning and collective making


Photo: Betty Pereira. Courtesy of Acervo Helio Eichbauer.


Lea Lublin, Dissolution dans l’eau, Pont Marie, 17 heures, 1978. Courtesy Nicolas Lublin and gallery 1 Mira Madrid.

Nicolás Paris, Classroom to think with the body (thinking about Merce Cunninghan), 2015. Courtesy of Nicolás Paris.

Patricia Domínguez, Madre Drone, 2019–20. Courtesy of Patricia Domínguez.

LA ESCUELA___ is accepting online projects and papers for their artist-run platform on art and education in Latin America.

LA ESCUELA___ encourages artists, researchers, educators, and scholars to join our artist-run platform for radical learning and collective making. Our ongoing program takes place online, through laboratories, an auditorium, and a library, and on-site across several regions of Latin America. Our open call invites project proposals for our online laboratories and contributions for our library. Any individual who is interested in further contributing to the ongoing research on Latin American art and education is highly encouraged to submit projects and paper applications.

LA ESCUELA___ is rooted in a long genealogy of Latin American artists and educators, who seek to bring education closer to real contexts, so as to learn and act on them. The radical component of this platform lies in its commitment to breaching the boundaries between art and learning by addressing the question of how a school can be conceived and shaped as an artistic project, beyond institutional confines. Because of this accessible character, it offers free education programs through its open-access platform.

For this open call running until May 31, 2022, three laboratory proposals and ten library contributions will be accepted in Spanish or English to be part of the offerings of our second semester (September–December 2022). Selected proposals will be announced on our website in late July, and those who are not selected may be considered for inclusion in future semesters.

Submission process for the Laboratories
Our Laboratories are virtual spaces where trans-local experimentation among guest artists and participants is encouraged in the format of online collaborative projects. We will accept three laboratory proposals in the fields of art, architecture, and performing arts. Proposals should be designed for four sessions with up to 35 participants and a public lecture for a broader public, and they should include the title and content of the laboratory. Our current programs range from indigenous knowledge to cutting-edge tech activisms, and from experiences in the southernmost reaches of South America to decolonial narratives from northern Mexico and the Caribbean.

Submission process for the Library
Our Library is organized around the intersections of art and education, and it houses artistic and pedagogical resources produced by LA ESCUELA___ in collaboration with diverse researchers, artists, and educators. For this open call, we will accept ten abstract proposals for both our two sections, Essays and Mappings.

Essays proposals should revolve around the work of any of the individuals included in our Emeritus section, which includes around 30 artists, thinkers, and educators who are referential to our platform, such as Antonieta Sosa, Francisco Toledo, Gabriela Mistral, Paulo Freire, Lygia Pape, Diego Barboza, Silvano Lora, Margarita Paksa, Rubens Gerchman, Lina Bo Bardi, Hélio Eichbauer, Antonio Caro, among others. Whereas the Mappings section offers research papers about artistic educational projects and experiences in Latin America by tracing genealogies, transits, and interests connected by a common macrohistorical context but from specific micro-geopolitics and fields of action.

A platform committed to building a robust trans-local network of individuals, communities, and institutions socially-engaged with their realities.

Our community is a trans-local network of artists and educators, building an archive of collective research and contemporary art. We hope to inspire social action by mapping the legacies of artist-run practices and collective-based educational models in Latin America and placing them in a global context.

Around 60 collaborators from twelve countries are already taking part in the first semester of LA ESCUELA___, including Cecilia Vicuña, Nicolás Paris, Luis Camnitzer, Mónica Mayer, Ricardo Basbaum, Felipe Rivas San Martín, Laura Uribe, Patricia Domínguez, Andrés Pereira Paz, Adrián Balseca, Esvin Alarcón Lam, Laura Anderson Barbata, Mônica Hoff, Renata Cervetto, among others. Our institutional allies include Ciudad Abierta and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile); the MUAC-UNAM – Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo and Museo Experimental el Eco (México); the Goethe-Institut Venezuela, the Universidad Simón Bolívar, the Universidad de Los Andes, and the Universidad Central de Venezuela. This network continues to expand also through time, as LA ESCUELA___ was recently selected as part of the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation’s Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art Web Archive, which will assure the continuing availability of our contents for researchers and scholars.

LA ESCUELA___ is an ongoing program founded by the Venezuelan artist, architect, and educator Miguel Braceli and the nonprofit Siemens Stiftung international foundation. Its content is drawn from the collaborative programs and artistic interventions initiated by Siemens Stiftung in Latin America, as well as the body of artistic and pedagogical work produced in public spaces by Miguel Braceli. Our hope is that it continues to grow thanks to the collaborations of individuals, communities, and institutions who are committed to reflecting and rehearsing new possibilities for learning.

To learn more about our open call and submit a proposal, visit here.

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