February 25, 2022

Principal Residency Program 2023

La Becque Artist Residency

Prem Sahib, The Derek Jarman Garden at La Becque. © Manon Briod.

© Calypso Mahieu.

© Calypso Mahieu.

© Calypso Mahieu.

Duy Hoàng. Installation view, La Becque. © Duy Hoàng.

Modern Nature: An Homage to Derek Jarman. © Manon Briod.

© Manon Briod.

On Tuesday March 1, 2022, La Becque Artist Residency will launch its new call for applications for its Principal Residency Program, seeking residents for 2023.

La Becque's Principal Residency Program offers three- and six-month residencies to selected applicants. The residencies will be held between January and November, 2023. Details about the full yearly calendar and proposed residency periods in 2023 are available on La Becque's website which provides all information and forms pertaining to the call (application criteria and guidelines, FAQ, and application form).

The Principal Residency Program is oriented towards confirmed artists as well as up-and-coming practitioners with a high development potential. It continues to dedicate particular attention to projects exploring the interplay of the notions of nature and technology

A purposefully broad playfield opens up very diverse yet similarly rewarding avenues of exploration, with the intent of furthering artistic practices that develop new ecologies of thinking and sensing. For example: documenting what and who makes up the “Anthropocene”; exploring what related processes of decolonisation feature in acts of “decolonizing nature”, investigating notions such as natural exploration and extraction, interspecies communication, para-technologies and nature-bound knowledge, the politics of nature, etc.; using technological tools to document and transcribe natural environments into artistic contexts; exploring new junctures at which technology becomes part of our natural environment, and vice versa.

Principal Residency Program participants will be selected globally by a transdisciplinary jury of experts. The jury selecting 2023 residents is composed of percussionist Alexandre Babel (Berliner Ensemble, Eklekto Geneva Percussion Center), François J. Bonnet (director, INA GRM Paris), Patrick de Rham (director, Arsenic Lausanne), Jean-Paul Felley (curator and director of EDHEA—the Valais School of Art), Stefanie Hessler (director, Kunsthall Trondheim), Sabine Himmelsbach (director, HEK—Haus für elektronische Künste, Basel), artist and curator Deborah-Joyce Holman, Elise Lammer (curator and art critic, Institut Kunst HGK FHNW), visual artist Mai-Thu Perret, and Stefano Stoll (director, Images Vevey), joined by Fondation Françoise Siegfried-Meier board member Anne-Catherine de Perrot and La Becque director Luc Meier.

Application deadlines: March 22, 2022 (23:59 CEST)

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