February 16, 2022

MA programmes

Basel Academy of Art and Design

Courtesy FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (HGK).

Courtesy FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (HGK).

Courtesy FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (HGK).

Courtesy FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (HGK).

Courtesy FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (HGK).

Shaping the future: The FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel (HGK) addresses and drives today’s socially relevant discourses in theory and practice, thus contributing significantly to the shape of tomorrow’s cultures.

In the course of our MA programmes students broaden and deepen their knowledge in art and design, respectively, and extend and contextualize their methodological skills so that, upon attaining the degree, you meet the qualifications of contemporary research practice and reflection. The programmes move between experiment, research, theory and critical self-reflection. Our lecturers offer support in your project work and provide insight into the complex system of production and reception in contemporary art and design. In a professional environment and within a deliberately undefined framework, you learn to translate ideas into aesthetic formulations independently. We offer the following MA programmes to choose from:

Arts and Design Education
In this programme, students consolidate and advance their scientific, artistic, and creative skills and turn their focus on art and design education in conjunction with art research. In the ‘Learning Lab Art and Design’, subject-specific discourses, theoretical reflection, and practical experience are blended with own art, design, and educational projects. Students engage with the field of art education and communication in the context of cross-regional network modules as well as practice and research-guided study courses. In the courses offered in cooperation with the FHNW School of Education, they learn how to prepare artistic and design-related contents in a scientifically and didactically sound manner, and then get the chance to apply their new skills in school internships.

Digital Communication Environments
The programme allows students to expand on their competences in the fields of design practices, technical knowhow, research methods, and theoretical knowledge in the context of digital communication channels. The focus of the programme is on a practical, theoretical, critical, and researched-based Examination of pictorial messages along with their production and dissemination in digital media. The competence to engage with practical, theoretical, and research-related issues in digital communication environments is based on the manual-technical ability to visualize large amounts of data, design virtual and augmented realities, develop user experiences for specific appliances, generate images through creative coding, experiment with deep learning technologies and databases, and handle time-based formats of digital animation and video technology.

Fine Arts
Offered in collaboration with the Bern University of the Arts. An in-depth examination of one’s own artistic practice and related issues is at the heart of this programme. Students reflect and elaborate on them and relate them to current and historical art discourses. The programme is situated at the intersection of experiment, research, theory, and critical self-reflection, and takes on the form of plenary sessions, seminars, symposia, as well as workshops and mentorships. The students’ artistic engagement continues to evolve in the discourse with mentors and experts from the wider field of art.

The MA programmes normally take two years and are completed with a Master of Arts degree. Also have a look at the MA programmes which were already presented in the Art & Education Newsletter of February 2: Masterstudio Experimental Design, Masterstudio Fashion Design, Masterstudio Industrial Design and Masterstudio Scenography.

Apply for all of our MA programmes until March 15.

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