February 8, 2022

Master in Fine Arts programme

Malmö Art Academy

Dag Kewenter, F/L, 2021. Installation view, KHM2 Gallery, Malmö Sweden, 2021. Photo: Youngjae Lih.

View of Post Sunrise, Post Oracle, KHM2 Gallery, Malmö Sweden, 2021. Photo: Youngjae Lih.

Malmö Art Academy invites you to apply for the Master of Fine Arts programme, a two-year graduate programme in fine arts at Lund University. The Master’s programme includes in-depth research in art through individual studio practice and courses in art and various related disciplines. Malmö Art Academy has no separate departments. In the first year the students begin their advanced artistic work, with continuous discussions in seminars led by teachers and during this first year a study tour to an artistically interesting place, is included. Students organise their own curriculum, choosing from a wide range of technical and theoretical courses, many of which are taught by internationally renowned artists. Guest lectures from visiting artists and critics as well as various forms of collaborative projects are continuously offered at the Academy. In the second year, students focus on their graduation work, which includes writing an essay and presenting a solo exhibition at the Academy’s gallery, KHM. Professors at Malmö Art Academy are, in consultation with an external participant, the examiners for a master’s degree. Approved graduation work meets the requirements for a degree of Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts.

Malmö Art Academy is situated in central Malmö and offers very good facilities. Each student has access to his or her own studio from the first year of study. The school has workshops for all relevant artistic techniques.

A contemporary programme in fine arts can work in close connection with cultural, artistic and scientific currents in the fields of art history and theory, architecture, philosophy, sociology, psychology and many other subjects. The affiliation with Lund University is a great advantage to Malmö Art Academy.

The international profile is an important feature of Malmö Art Academy. It is accentuated by the close proximity to Denmark and mainland Europe, as well as by student exchanges with art academies in other countries. The academy also benefits from the rich and internationally orientated art life in the region, which has many art galleries, museums and other institutions. Guest lectures from visiting artists and critics as well as various forms of collaborative projects are continuously offered at the academy.

Full-time, 120 ECTS credits
Teaching language: English

General requirement
Applicants must have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or equivalent. For information about admission requirements and how to apply click here.

Tuition fees
There are no tuition fees for EU/EEA citizens. For non-EU/ EEA citizens the tuition fee for this programme is SEK 200,000 per year. For details on tuition fees and scholarships, see here.

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