February 4, 2022

AAA Winter 22
Angewandte Final Theses on Exhibition

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Stella Myriam Krausz, Leah Dorner, Lena Michalik and Maria Kanzler, RE:SONANZ. Multi-media installation. Installation view, University of Applied Arts Vienna, 2022. © Jorit Aust.

AAA Winter 22—from January 27 online featuring online-talks & digital walk-throughs on January 27 & 28.

With AAA Winter 22, the University of Applied Arts Vienna will present the final theses from the winter semester 2021/22. With the new format of AAA, graduates and their projects are given visibility and the final projects of the Angewandte and its study programs are thereby presented in their diversity and entirety on- and offline.

Even though it is currently not possible to visit the exhibition on site due to the pandemic situation, the graduates' work will be exhibited online from January 27 on the newly established exhibition website.

The AAA website includes the final theses of all departments of the University of Applied Arts and grows every semester with the works of the new graduates. The names of the graduates are put in the event's center—visually and in terms of content—because the Angewandte is proud of its graduates. Comparable to a line-up they are the significant persons who create, enlarge and represent the artistic and scientific productivity each semester!

We are looking forward to an interesting approach to the broad field of works generated in the last semester and invite you to a digital visit to our AAA website.

Exhibiting graduates:
Adaeze Sophie Ike, Amanda Sperger, Anna Hostek, Anni Dai, Asher O'Gorman, Carmen Maria Egger, Carolina Laura Rotter, Claus Diwisch, Cornelia Mislivec, Elisabeth Katharina Gritsch, Elizaveta Kapustina, Erli Grünzweil, Eva Lucia Herrmann, Gudrun Ragossnig, Helen Emily Davy, Ho Cheung Lai, Ines Schlömicher, Julia Bichler, Juliane Fink, Kaveh Chehri, Laura Schlagintweit, Leah Dorner, Lena Michalik, Lisa Braid, Lorenz Kunath, Lukas Eisenhuber, Maria Kanzler, Maria-Elisabeth Hörler, Michalina Iza Zadykowicz, Monica Agrizzi, Monika Ernst, Natalya Lugovaya, Nóra Éva Lengyel, Oliver Rene Alunovic, Philipp Romanek, Rupie Loghanathan, Sara Ghalandari, Sebastian Lehner, Silvia Knödlstorfer, Sophie Krachler, Stella Myriam Krausz, Thomas Hasenbichler, Tijana Lazović, Veronika Ziller, Viktoria Dopler, Yannik Kaiser, Youngjoo Jang, Zachary Beale, Zishen Liu, Zsuzsánna Rózsavölgyi.

AAA Winter 22: online from January 27, 2022 here.

General information on study programs
Current information about studying at Angewandte can be found in our folder "Study info 2022/23". For more information on the University of Applies Arts Vienna please visit our website or contact info [​at​]

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