February 21, 2022

Summer registration open

Berlin University of the Arts

Courtesy Berlin Summer University of the Arts. © Anna Ullrich.

Courtesy Berlin Summer University of the Arts. © Berlin Career College.

Courtesy Berlin Summer University of the Arts. © Stephanie Kloss.

Courtesy Berlin Summer University of the Arts. © Berlin Career College.

The Berlin Summer University of the Arts returns this year, offering a large variety of creative workshops and online courses. From June to September 2022, the Berlin University of the Arts presents an international workshop programme aimed at artists, advanced students and graduates from all artistic disciplines. Over 25 workshops in the fields of Fine Arts, Design, Music, Performing Arts as well as interdisciplinary courses provide an excellent opportunity to grow artistically and be part of an international creative exchange. Challenge your perception, transitional and communicational skills, explore artistic perspectives and creatively express yourself in workshops covering a wide range of approaches and topics. In diverse and experimental ways, an international team of lecturers and teachers will introduce you to a great variety of methods and discourses of contemporary art.

In 2022, the workshops focus on three thematic aspects:

Embodiment raises questions such as which experiences of physical activity and specific body knowledge, physical encounter and its absence can be productively used for artistic projects. This category includes workshops like Floating Texts: Unlearning To Write and two performing arts courses on Body as a Source of Concentration.

Material Cultures immerses into a specific artistic discipline, focuses on intensive artistic research practices and tracks down their potentials by concentrating on one material. In this section, a design workshop focuses on Faulty Material while Seeking for New Noise explores noise as a disruptive aesthetic element in music and sound art.

Borders and Encounters explores new possibilities of collective artistic work and exchange within a local or territorially broad and low-threshold encounter space. Participants are invited to share Collaborative Playgrounds or discover Aesthetic Transformation Processes: Inspiration Across Disciplinary Boundaries.

Passionate teachers will guide you through the process of developing your artistic voice and visual language, realizing your ideas, and sharing them with like-minded people by building a network that could be relevant for your future projects.

Explore your personal interests and dive into one of the biggest and most multifaceted universities of the arts in Europe. The whole programme is available here.

Dates: June–September 2022. Registration is now open. Deadlines: Generally four weeks before the start of the workshop. For a full list of programmes and opportunities as well as the online application form, visit here.

Venue information: Berlin Summer University of the Arts, Berlin University of the Arts, Bundesallee 1-12, 10719 Berlin

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