March 2, 2022

ACT spring 2022 public programming

Art, Culture, and Technology Program at MIT

View of the Memory Matrix (detail), MIT, 2016. Photo: Fadi Massod.

Urgent, critical, and experimental explorations across art-culture-technology

The spring 2022 programming aims to revisit the foundational parameters of the Art, Culture, and Technology Program, positioning ACT within the context of a changing world and its future challenges. By articulating key thematic avenues and methodological approaches that intersect the work of invited artists and ACT faculty members, we link these inquiries to concerns of other researchers at MIT and beyond.

Lecture series:
Monday, March 7
Adesola Akinleye, Choreographing the City
6pm—in person event
Collaboration with CAST

Thursday, April 28
Nida Sinnokrot, Palestine is not a Garden
6pm—hybrid event
Collaboration with Architecture

Artistic Research Conversation series:
Thursday, February 10
Emma Yimeng Zhu (SMACT ’21) and Chucho Ocampo (SMACT ’21)
Collaborative tools and practices, history, present and future of ppppress
12:30–2pm talk and Q&A
ACT Student Gallery, MIT E15-095

Thursday, March 10
Azra Aksamija, Raafat Majzoub (SMACT ’17), and Melina Philippou
Design to Live: Everyday Inventions from a Refugee Camp
12:30–2pm talk and Q&A
Virtual event

Thursday, March 31
Christine Shaw
12:30–2pm talk and Q&A
ACT Student Gallery, MIT E15-095

Friday, April 1
Louis-Henri Volont
12:30–2pm talk and Q&A
ACT Student Gallery, MIT E15-095

Thursday, April 7
Nolan Oswald Dennis (SMACT ’18)
12:30–2pm talk and Q&A
Virtual event

Thursday, April 21
Suneil Sanzgiri (SMACT ’17)
12:30–2pm talk and Q&A
Virtual event

ACT’s public programming draws together artists, scholars, and other cultural practitioners from different disciplines to discuss artistic methodologies and forms of inquiry at the intersection of art, architecture, science, and technology. Each spring and fall semester brings a different thematic focus and the format for each event shifts depending on the visitor(s) and the nature of their presentations and performances.

ACT’s public programming is conceived by Azra Aksamija, ACT Director, and coordinated with Marissa Friedman, Marketing and Communications Manager.

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