December 21, 2021

Multiple Belongings—Advanced Master of Research in Arts & Design

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Jen Clarke, Parasites, 2021. Collages.

Hiroko Tsushimoto, Untitled, 2021. Collage.

Vicky De Visser, Willow, A letter from Ophelia to Arduina, 2021. Ongoing letter series.

Rachel Bacon, Unsatisfied, 2021. Graphite on paper on foil, 100 x 74 x 10 cm.

Dear visitor,

We are happy to meet you at Multiple Belongings. 'We' are those who came together in the Advanced Master of Research in Art and Design at Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerpen in the Academic year 2021/22. As a group of transdisciplinary artists, designers, architects, scholars, and organizers, we were granted a space of (un)learning and care. Throughout the year, we have held and expanded it into a space of imagination, solidarity, and genuine togetherness.

This platform brings together selected documentation of our individual, yet interdependent work and research processes. Throughout the Advanced Master program, we have shared letters, sent postcards, reviewed online session recordings, transmitted audio messages, and created communion tables with replacement symbols for absent bodies. With the website we once again hold the tension, between the expectation of creating a coherent, unified voice, and the polyphony of fragments composing the score of togetherness.

Amelie, Chris, Elien, Hiroko, Jen, Kaisa, Martina, Mona, Nohad, Rachel, Tommi and Vicky

Multiple Belongings shows the artistic research projects of the participants of the Advanced Master of Research in Art & Design 2020–21. The call for the 2022–23 program is open now, please check here for more information. The due date for applications is 4 March 2022.

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