February 21, 2022

Master's programmes

Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam

Toni Brell, Sandberg Instituut Class of 2023. Collage. Photo: Sander van Wettum.

Courtesy Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. Photo: Sander van Wettum.

Johanna EkenhorstPhoto: Sander van Wettum.

Courtesy Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. Photo: Sander van Wettum.

Medialab Analogue Synth Group. Courtesy Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. Photo: Sander van Wettum.

Courtesy Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam. Photo: Sander van Wettum.

Applications are open for those hoping to start their studies with us in 2022. Apply here before April 1, 2022. Alongside our five Main Departments (Critical Studies, Design, Dirty Art Department, Fine Arts, and Studio for Immediate Spaces), in 2022 we welcome a new Temporary Programme (Re:master Opera), as well as a returning one (F for Fact). We’re excited to receive your applications!

Re:master Opera
During the temporary programme Re:master Opera, we invite new voices from all disciplines (performing arts, fine arts, film, fashion, design, architecture, etc.) to participate in an examination of the particular strategies of artistic communication that are distinctive to opera, mainly its multidisciplinary structure and the relationships between sound, image, and text within the unique space of unreality. The programme is supported by the Dutch National Opera and the Opera Forward Festival. Read further here.

F for Fact
At a moment in time when facts are framed as fantasy and feelings equal truth, F for Fact investigates different forms of knowledge through an artistic lens. But what counts as knowledge? What’s the difference between truth and meaning? How are narratives shaped and by whom? What defines as authentic and what do claims of authorship and copyright the arts mean today? F for Fact is a two-year course where participants work on individual and collective projects in which the factual, philosophical or tangible world is the point of departure. The program revolves around the interaction between knowledge and imagination and how to discover new forms of documentary storytelling. We look at the difference between fiction and truth, fact and belief systems, fake news and honest fantasies, by working with a number of different sources. In short: we critically revisit the past and speculate about possible futures. Read more here.

Open Sandberg 2022
Thanks to everyone who cyber-visited us for our Open Day 2022. Check out our open day website where we'll be shortly uploading footage from our livestreams.

Graduation documentation from 2021
For a glimpse into the wonderful multidisciplinary work happening across our various departments, check out documentation from our graduation exhibition 2021 here.

And be sure to read our graduation publication for 2021, The Sign of the Stars, featuring essay contributions from CAConrad, Federico Campagna, Katayoun Arian, and Isabelle Scully, among others.

For updates and news about our staff, students, and alumni, follow us on Instagram at @SandbergInstituut.

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