November 26, 2021

CONSENT online interdisciplinary forum

The Ian Potter Museum of Art at The University of Melbourne

Luke George and collaborators, Public Actions, 2019. Performance view, Arts House, Dance Massive, Melbourne, Autstralia. © the artist. Photo: Pippa Samaya.

r e a, PolesApart 2 (2b), 2009, from the series "PolesApart," 2009. C-print. © the artist.

What does consent look like in 2021? The past decade has seen a seismic shift in society’s understandings of consent across interpersonal, institutional, colonial and environmental contexts. The conversation around consent has been urgent, swirling and contested. At its heart are questions of agency, respect, recognition, sovereignty, visibility and empathy. It is the site where systemic change is enacted, and where we negotiate power on an individual level.

Against this backdrop we ask, have learnings from #MeToo, decolonisation, queer and body politics and even the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the ways we act, engage and communicate with one another?

Join the conversation at the Ian Potter Museum of Art annual forum, which highlights artmaking as a form of knowledge creation alongside other academic fields of inquiry. Building on previous themes of Water, Language and Machine, this year’s topic is CONSENT, where University of Melbourne experts will discuss the dynamics, implications and stakes of this concept, which is central to our lives.

Across three afternoons, our free online forum sessions will explore consent through five key areas: COVID-19, decolonisation, data and the consumer, human and non-human relations, and bodily autonomy. Some of the country’s leading voices in criminology, creative writing, marketing, law, digital ethics and computing, science and technology, health and design will present, alongside creative commissions from Luke George and Debris Facility Pty Ltd.

The Potter’s annual interdisciplinary forum program series is co-presented with the Centre of Visual Art (CoVA) at the University of Melbourne.

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