November 11, 2021

Professorship at the Faculty of Design and Art

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Parasite 2.0, Temporary Lovers, 2019. Installation view, ar/ge kunst, Bolzano, Italy. Courtesy Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Photo: Tiberio Sorvillo.

We are looking for a post-conceptual artist working in the field of socially engaged art. You have an artistic education (diploma, master) from an art university or similar. Your background is conceptual and post-conceptual. Ideally you acquired additional expertise in political theory, cultural-, pop- or gender studies or similar. You follow a critical and process-oriented approach, using contemporary media. We expect you to have/be part of a wide international network, having contacts with a wide scope of players in an expanded art context. Important: your current position must be tenured at a recognized university or an equivalent institution.

The position offered is a full or associate professorship in Art (Professore Ordinario/Associato). It is a tenured full-time position with a teaching load of 120–180 hours per annum. Salary is highly competitive at top European standards. Applicants may as well enjoy extensive fiscal advantages.

The working place is at the Bolzano campus and the faculty expects its professors to take up residence in the immediate vicinity of Bozen-Bolzano. The position offers a working opportunity in an international team of artists, designers and theorists open to collaborate on innovative and cross-disciplinary projects. Also, various funding possibilities for research (European, national, regional and internal university funding schemes) are at disposal. A multilingual working environment completes the offers of the position. Approximate starting date: October 2022/January 2023.

Teaching in all programs of the Faculty of Design and Art is conducted through semester projects as well as an extensive exchange between practice and theory. As a professor you will challenge the students to deal creatively, critically and innovatively with complex questions relating to relevant contemporary issues. In the excellently equipped and supervised workshops, projects can be physically realized by students and teachers. You will lead a course in politically engaged art. Your projects help to raise awareness of the political role of the artist in the globalized world. You will introduce students to artistic practices related to social hotspots of a society under global change and open eyes for marginalized groups.

In your research, you adopt a critical position, explore innovative approaches to the ideation and creation of art works, materials and related (emerging) technologies, embracing interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary collaborations. You will also deal with the complex and articulated aspects of art practices by including social, environmental, material and/or technological dimensions. We participate in international research projects and our work is particularly visible all over the province of Bolzano, as our interdisciplinary and hands-on approach results in many fruitful collaborations, with a strong support from the local community.

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