July 21, 2021

Launch of Experimental Game Cultures master programme

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Courtesy of University of Applied Arts Vienna. © Maiximilian Prag, 2021.

We aim to introduce game-changer games! In founding the Experimental Game Cultures department, the University of Applied Arts Vienna takes up the challenge to shape-shift societies through play practices and cultures as key to sustainable world approaches. The English language master’s programm experimental game cultures is to start in the winter semester 2021/22 and offered at the Institute for Art and Society.

The newly established master program Experimental Game Cultures puts a focus on emerging forms of hybrid play. The study program aims at a critical reflection of the social impact of games while simultaneously applying it to the prototypical development of innovative game concepts and approaches. The central aspect of the study program is therefore the interweaving of the development of innovative game concepts with a critical examination of games and play as cooperative and non-incremental method of insight and change of coagulations in their various historical, societal and social contexts. Artistic research areas of the program include the use of games and play as an instrument for a better understanding of social, economic and political contexts and for the democratic shaping of their future.

The head of the department Margarete Jahrmann states: “For me, artistic play is the experimental testing and subjective experience of alternative possibilities of the world and agency. Play as a participatory process can show us ways to positive change, new forms of future society, politics, and empathic coexistence. Through the conscious breaking of rules, the transformation of rule systems, the acceptance of ambiguity as a quality in play, a new understanding for the global challenges of our time can emerge. Our way there is the game!"

Application: Experimental Game Culture

According to the focus fields of the program, applicants are also invited to develop/describe a project for on of the following topics: game changer concepts, queer and non-colonial game mechanics, dark patterns of game design, body and game fashion, games for non-humans, games and nature

Written applications can be submitted in the period July 1 to 30, 2021 via

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