July 14, 2021

Research-based Curatorial Project publication series: The Abode of Anamnesis

OCAT Institute

Cover: The Abode of Anamnesis, 2021.

The Abode of Anamnesis is the highly anticipated catalogue of the exhibition that sprang from the winning proposal of OCAT’s inaugural Research-based Curatorial Project (2018). The book includes all the materials from Picturing Histories: Historical Narratives in Contemporary Chinese Photography, the research-based exhibition project by curator He Yining, who is also the editor-in-chief of the catalogue. With essays, exhibition views, artwork analyses, and materials from other events in the program, the book traces the project from its initial stage of research to the presentation of the proposal, the development of the proposal, and the final exhibition, demonstrating how a curatorial concept can be turned into a highly concentrated exhibition program with both academic and visual appeal.

Editor: Yining He

Artists: Chen Min, Dong Yuxiang, Li Lang, Zhen Shi, Kurt Tong, Yuanyuan Luka Yang, Zhu Lanqing

Co-authors:Yining He,Chen Min, Dong Yuxiang, Li Lang, Zhen Shi, Kurt Tong, Yuanyuan Luka Yang, Zhu Lanqing,Diyong Long, Ziyun Wang, Beichen Yang, Xinwei Zhu, Greg Battye, Jose Luis Neves, Bo He,David Bate, Bingfen Dong, Yunchang Yang, Hu Hao, Wei Su, Ran Li, Wenzhao He

Special mentions:Huan Wang, Mengsu Chan, Federica Chiocchetti, DUAN Lian

Designer:Wei Longwen

Format:Hardback / Dimensions:889mm × 1194mm / Publication date:June 2021
Publisher:China Nationality Culture Press Co., Ltd.
Publication city/country:Beijing,China
ISBN:ISBN978-7-5122-1306-7 / 258 RMB

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