July 22, 2021

Rundgang 2021: annual student exhibition

Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

Courtesy of Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart (Valentin Alisch, Niklas Berlec, Tobias Hönow).

Once a year the approximately 900 students of Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design (ABK Stuttgart) present their most recent projects and assignments during the Rundgang—ABK’s annual student exhibition which is taking place from July 23 to 25, 2021 in a hybrid format. The official opening of the Rundgang is taking place on Friday, July 23, at 6pm on the online platform

The current student’s works from the departments of Architecture, Design, Arts/Art Education and Conservation–Art History will be seen in all their facets on the interactive website Performances and DJ sets, award ceremonies and Rundgang highlights nominated by distinguished representatives of the culture and art scene are part of the digital live programme that will complete the large virtual exhibition of a diverse range of creative practices.

In addition to this, residents of the Stuttgart area can explore further select locations such as the Württembergische Kunstverein which will host student projects and make up the decentralised part of the Rundgang. As the doors of the Campus Weißenhof must again remain closed due to the current situation, these satellites in the urban space thus replace, at least to some extent, the traditional student exhibition in the studios and classrooms.

The annual Rundgang is the high point of the year, for students as well as for professors and members of staff, who all cooperate towards achieving a unique and multidimensional exhibition for the visitors. This year, the Rundgang is focused on digital content, more accessible than ever before and addressing a wider audience. Visitors from all over the world are invited to tune in and experience experience which great variety this art academy has to offer.

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