June 9, 2021

Bachelors and masters graduation show 2021

Minerva Art Academy at Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Cleo Veldman, Untitled, 2020–21. Performance view. Photo: Paul Meek.

Okki Poortvliet, IJswee, 2021. Film. © Okki Poortvliet.


Susanne Luurs, Genesis, 2021. Performance and installation.

S.R.Niekoop, Post-Ability, a dictionary to live by (part one). Complete learning package, 2021. 170 x 240 mm.


With detours and shortcuts, off the beaten track and in an unconventional way, the bachelor and master students of Minerva Art Academy (Hanze UAS) have completed their studies in recent years. They are now graduating and will be showing their work from June 19 to 24 in an extensive exhibition on the site of the Former Sugar Factory in Groningen. From the outdoor spaces to the ballroom, the industrial setting of the old factory is used to showcase the most diverse art practices. With 175 graduated autonomous artists, designers and art teachers, DETOUR shows the great scope and impact of art.

In collaboration with NP3, the master students of the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) show their work on the factory terrain in both the large factory building and at the neighboring MOBi (location of NP3). With this exhibition, the Masters Painting and MADtech conclude their two-year research by presenting their graduation works to the public.

Book a time slot
The exhibition is divided into three areas: (1) Sugar Factory Ground Floor, (2) Sugar Factory 1st floor and (3) NP3 | MOBi. It is possible to reserve a time slot of 1.5 hours for each area. You can visit this part of the exhibition within this time slot. Do you also want to visit another part? Then you reserve a second (or even third) time slot here.

We will open the exhibition online on Saturday, June 19 at 12pm with the launch of an opening video on our website. Would you like to receive the video directly in your mailbox? You can, by signing up for our newsletter. After the opening, we will organize various activities, which can be followed both on site and online. For example, the award ceremony of our academy awards and the Reisma van den Burg grant. More information about this will follow as soon as the programme is known.

Online exhibition
Simultaneously with the physical exhibition at the Suikerterrein, the online exhibition will also open at There you can virtually walk through the Sugar Factory by means of a 360 degree tour. You will also find information about all graduating students on their own page and you can browse the digital catalogue.

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