May 20, 2021

Master Cross-Disciplinary Strategies

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Lucian-Viorel Gheorghita, Elena’s Coffee (still), 2020. Courtesy of Lucian-Viorel Gheorghita.

Marianne Cadiz, Recitation of Sa Tabi ng Dagat ni Ildefonso Santos (By the Seaside by Ildefonso Santos), 2020. Performative reading. Photo: Thomas Geiger.

Mara Gabriel, Laboratory Life (still), 2020. Courtesy of Mara Gabriel.

“Les études,” 2020. Workshop. Photo: Christine Böhler.

Zarah Mirza, App Based Cooking for the Lookdown Idiot (still), 2020. Courtesy of Zarah Mirza.

Salma Shaka, Who’s dreaming of Utopias when we’re asleep? (still), 2020. Courtesy of Salma Shaka.

New master programme, Cross-Disciplinary Strategies: Applied Studies in Art, Science, Philosophy, and Global Challenges (CDS) starts October 2021.

The English-language master’s programme offers students the opportunity to engage with current societal challenges in a multidisciplinary study programme that links approaches and methods from the fields of art, the humanities and social and natural sciences. In this way the master’s programme comprises a reaction to the increasing fragmentation of academic disciplines, in order to face 21st-century challenges.

In particular, the master’s programme promotes work on transdisciplinary projects for sustainable social change and a cross-disciplinary approach to digital technologies and the transformation processes associated with them. Artistic strategies and approaches to art are our common disciplinary language. Students learn to situate their topics in a broader societal context and, in addition, to communicate them using a range of methods and artistic strategies and to apply these in cross-disciplinary, participative projects. The Angewandte‘s highly practice-related academic and artistic teaching and its range of workshops gives the programme an experimental framework in which students are supported in developing their own individual practice. Every semester offers the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in independent cross-disciplinary projects. For these projects, dialogue and collaboration with actors of civil society, art, science, politics and the economy are supported and promoted.

The programme aims to engage graduates of the Cross-Disciplinary Strategies bachelor programme and any graduates of other fields who would like to supplement their specialist knowledge and place it in a new context. Graduates of all other fields with a bachelor’s or other advanced degree and proof of English proficiency to a level B2 (CEFR) are invited to apply to the CDS master’s programme.

Four semesters, 120 ECTS
Degree: Master of Arts (MA)
English language competence (B2, CEFR)
Mail: cds [​at​]

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