April 2, 2021

New one-year MFA and pre-PhD course in Postgraduate Academy

Transart Institute

Photo: Aleks Slota.

Transart Institute is excited to announce two new courses of study starting this fall for advanced practitioners (10+ years of experience) in addition to the current PhD in Creative Practice.

A unique, low-residency, one-year MFA Creative Practice will begin this fall with monthly weekend translocal programming culminating with an in-person, two-week residency in Liverpool, July 2022. In addition to all intensive events, you will present your final thesis project. An option to continue on to the PhD in the same residency is possible with an accepted proposal.

The Academy will also offer a nine-month, translocal, non-credit Pre-PhD and Post-Graduate course of supported, independent creative research. The course is designed to support your efforts to review, edit and contextualise your praxis to formulate a query, which will sustain your creative research practice going forward—potentially leading you into a PhD program.

This course will offer fresh perspectives, invigorate your creative praxis, and bring it to a new level. You will identify and distill the essential key areas of your creative research interests by honing your critical and reflective skills, and identifying how your creative practice is research. Through this process, you will refine your questions and re-articulate your ideas to produce either a fine-tuned Practice PhD proposal or, design a focused plan to move your praxis forward even further.

With both options, you will work individually with dedicated advisor/s in monthly meetings as well as with your peer creative research groups for opportunities to present work and get feedback. You may also form topic-based research, writing and reading groups optionally.

Additionally, a monthly series of workshops, seminars, screenings, talks, excursions, exhibitions, performances, discussions, panels, interviews, movement, somatic, sound, and research training sessions will take place the last weekend of every month. This program will normally offer optional in-person pop-up events (pandemic pending).

Intensive sessions and public talks
You can find this year's translocal program here, and public talk descriptions here.

All programs are offered with monthly tuition subscriptions (in multiple currencies). The MFA is a one-year commitment with 12 payments, the postgraduate Academy course is a nine-month program, and the current PhD Creative Research is a three-year program. Ten students per course will be accepted for 2021–22 with a waiting list.

About Transart
Transart Institute is a space for experimentation and thinking in any form; for sharing and connecting; and offering practice-based doctoral studies in a low-residency model. We champion self-directed, curious, flexible and independent-minded creative researchers working solo and/or collectively.

Our border-free platform attracts an eclectic international body of students and advisors from equally diverse artistic and academic contexts and geographic locations as part of a global, transdisciplinary research community; creating opportunities to expand, enhance and sustain individual and collective practices in the world, beyond the walls of the academy.

We support research on themes in all creative genres including: art and social technologies; curatorial practices; cultural engagement through food; docufiction and creative writing; ecology and environmental activism; expanded studio practices; experimental pedagogies; fashion and textiles; foreignness, otherness; home, nostalgia and the uncanny; international diaspora and exiled states; language and image; liminal states, interstices, and spacetime; media and design; memory, forgetting, trauma and the archive; movement, dance, choreography; new materialism, object-oriented ontology; olfactory arts; peace, mediation and performative activism; post-nationalism, post-colonialism; publishing as an art practice; robotics; sound, music, field recordings, composing; space and temporary architecture; walking as an art practice.

Contact for inquiries: hello [​at​]

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