January 18, 2021

Call for applications: Department of Fine Arts

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Left: Martin Jung / BFA, Geführte Entladung (a meditation by proxy), 2020. Audio sculpture. Photo: Billy Davis. Middle: Toni Campus, Zürich. Right: Clio Newton / MFA, Taylor (left) & Untitled (right), 2018/19. Compressed charcoal on paper. Photo: Daniel Schwartz.


With around 2,800 Bachelor and Master students and 650 teaching staff, Zurich University of the Arts is one of the major universities of the arts in Europe. Its diverse range of degree and research programs include fine arts, design, film, music, dance, theatre and art education. The ZHdK is also a partner of the Shared Campus with active international exchange programs, in particular with various partners from art universities in East, South East Asia and the UK. The university offers a contemporary environment with “state-of-the-art” facilities and beautiful studio spaces for all students.

Bachelor Fine Arts
The BFA program trains and educates young artists with an international perspective. Artistic practice is a central element of the course. The aim is to teach students the basic principles of individual and/or collaborative artistic practice and to prepare them to work in the art world. The program is a forum for debate and critical reflection on art, culture, and society. It makes it possible to promote the specific artistic interests of the individual students through a clearly tailored course of study.

Personal responsibility and self-organization are key elements of the course. The program is complemented by trips in Switzerland and abroad, on which students visit and reflect on exhibitions, collections, biennales, etc. Around half of the modules are taught in English.

Head of the BFA program: Dr. Raphael Gygax

Faculty members and guest lecturers include, among others: Cory Arcangel, Marc Bauer, Pauline Boudry, Monster Chetwynd, Martin Soto Climent, Maria Eichhorn, Anke Kempkes, Bea Schlingelhoff, Edward Thomasson and Wu Tsang

Master Fine Arts
The ZHdK Master’s program in Fine Arts stands out with its comprehensive approach to the study of art. The program deepens students’ understanding of artistic practice, and refines their professional skills. It provides them with the necessary contextual foundation for new work in the field of art, and combines know-how with theory across disciplines and methodologies. In this environment, students can thrive as artists and establish a national an international network to develop their careers.

The program comprises not only individual projects, seminars, group tutorials, and art talk series but study trips to international venues as well. In 2020 for example, MFA students have the opportunity to go to the Bucharest Biennale or join the October School dedicated to artistic research.

Head of the MFA program: Dr. Judith Welter

Faculty members and guest lecturers in 2020/2021 include, among others: Uriel Orlow, Marie-France Rafael, Dominique Lämmli, Nils Röller, Christoph Schenker, knowbotic Research, Jörg Scheller, Carey Young, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Jonas Lund, Annika Ström, Mitchell Anderson, Una Szeemann, Laura Arici, Gabriele Garavaglia, Doireann O’ Malley.

Head of Department of Fine Arts: Prof. Swetlana Heger.

Tuition fees: Swiss and EU: 720 CHF per semester / Outside Europe: 1,220 CHF per semester
Duration: BFA, 6 semesters full time study / MFA, 4 semesters full time study

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