November 6, 2020

Issue 4: "Affecting material and technique"

VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research

Palle Torsson, Radical Inside (still), 2020. 3D model: liking, “Octavia Diva."

VIS issue 4 was published on October 14, 2020. The issue features seven peer-reviewed expositions within the theme "Affecting material and technique."

VIS issue 4, "Affecting Material and Technique," exposes artistic practices that enter into a critical and transformative dialogue with their tools, techniques and materials. Complex and entwined relationships emerge between artistic concerns and the tools, processes and techniques that form part of the practice in which those concerns are embodied. –Trond Lossius, Editor VIS #4.

Read the issue and editorial here.

The latest issue of VIS features expositions from a wide range of fields. There are expositions within music and sound, programming and hacking, 3D, fashion design, graphic design, photography and fine arts.

Artists and expositions in VIS #4:
Øyvind Brandstegg: "Tools as material"
Linnea Bågander: "Body Fragmented, temporal expressions"
Ane Thon Knutsen: "A printing press of one's own"
Erik Friis Reitan: "Playing against the camera"
Palle Torsson: "Radical Inside"
Ernie Roby-Tomic: "Reclamation: Exposing Coal Seams and Appalachian Fatalism with Digital Apparatuses"
Katt Hernandez: "Aural Transposition, Psychogeography and the Ephemeral World"

VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research is a digital journal about Artistic Research in the Nordic region. The journal is the result of a cooperation between Stockholm University of the Arts, SKH and Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, Diku. The purpose of the journal is to serve as a basic source of knowledge for anyone who wants to learn and immerse themselves in artistic research in the Nordic region. VIS website was released April 9, 2018 together with the first issue 0. Issues are published twice a year. VIS uses the international database Research Catalogue for submissions, peer-review and publication.

VIS Editorial Committee:
Cecilia Roos, Vice-Rector of Research, Stockholm University of the Arts
Anna Lindal, Violinist and professor of music
Magnus Bärtås, Vice-Rector of Research, University of Arts, Crafts and Design
Darla M Crispin, Director of Arne Nordheim Center, NMH
Serge von Arx, Artistic Director Scenography Ostfold University College
Trond Lossius, Professor and PhD leader, The Norwegian Film School and Professor II at The Grieg Academy, Department of Music, University of Bergen
Lina Persson, Researcher in Film, Stockholm University of the Arts

Contact VIS:
Heidi Paatere Möller, Editorial Project Manager, VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research, visjournal [​at​]

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