August 12, 2020

BA graduation show
Tabula Rasa

Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) of Hong Kong Baptist University

HKBU AVA BA graduation show, 2020. Virtual exhibition.

In this eventful year, the BA graduates of the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University have gathered to present their work, each having a different vision for the future of the city and the world.

The graduation exhibition 2020 is based on a vision of the future world: after turbulent times, when the old journey is about to end and a new one is awaits ahead, some of the old layers on the canvas of the world might be cleared and reset to the original state of Tabula Rasa. In this new beginning, our sense of lost perhaps will also be cleared, restored to an initial state of mind, just like how Laozi in Tao Te Ching describes the power of new-borns, "inherently having strong grip despite their weak muscles and soft bones".

The graduation exhibition, entitled Tabula Rasa, hopes to outline new possibilities in the process where change and innovation are brewing at the heart of our societies. Here at the Academy of Visual Arts, we awaits your arrival to witness the new generation of art.

Due to a spike in locally transmitted coronavirus infections, the exhibition at Kai Tak campus will be closed until further notice.

Virtual reality exhibition. Online catalogue.

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