August 3, 2020

Sympoiesis: online symposium

Transart Institute

[1] Syowia Kyambi, The Lecture Room Intervention. Video Still documentation Carl Kühl. MARKK Museum Hamburg, 2019. [2] Fayen D’Evie. Performative installation detail. Photo: Pippa Samaya. [3] Photo: Aleks Slota, 2019. [4] Isabel Lewis, Unambitious Stripper workshop. Image: Joanna Seitz.

Collectively curated by the Transart 2020 MFA cohort

In Staying with the Trouble, Donna Harraway describes sympoiesis as "a simple word; it means “making-with.” Nothing makes itself; nothing is really autopoietic or self-organizing...Sympoiesis is a word proper to complex, dynamic, responsive, situated, historical systems. It is a word for worlding-with, in company. Sympoiesis enfolds autopoiesis and generatively unfurls and extends it."

Drawing on the sympoiesis that has characterised their experience working in company with each other for the past two years, the creators of this symposium will draw in contributions from various practitioners around the world to explore some of the manifold ways that artists and curators manifest sympoiesis in their practice.

Join us for talks and conversations, visit the site to view the featured video of the day, try out one of the prompts for practice contributed by the Transart community or visit (and contribute to) the reading room.

With featured artwork by Transart Institute 2020 cohort: Syowia Kyambi, Peter Lopez, Sheila Lynch, Rodolfo Cossovich, Sarah Jane Eaton, Gabrielle Senza. Co-curated with and MFA Program Manager, Susie Quillinan.

In sympoiesis with: Elvira Dyangani Ose (keynote conversation), Isabel Lewis, Tinashe Mushakavanhu & Black Chalk & Co., Oscar Santillán, Fayen D’Evie, Jean Marie Casbarian, Nathalie Anguezomo, Lorenzo Sandoval, Susanne Martin, Kate Hilliard, Michael Bowdidge, Erin Espelie, Eugenia Lim, Abdullah Qureshi, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, Elenie Chung, Bianca Turner & more.

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