August 4, 2020

"textile·art·design": bachelor and master programmes

Kunstuniversität Linz 

Weaving studio at the University of Art and Design Linz © "textile·art·design"

Screen printing studio at the University of Art and Design Linz © "textile·art·design"

Students studio at the University of Art and Design Linz © "textile·art·design"

Sewing studio at the University of Art and Design Linz © "textile·art·design"

"pinkspace" / Office Management at the University of Art and Design Linz © "textile·art·design"

Screen printing studio at the University of Art and Design Linz © "textile·art·design"

Paper & latex studio at the University of Art and Design Linz © "textile·art·design"

Among the university’s diverse branches of study, the department of "tkd" ("textil·kunst·design" = "textile·art·design") takes on a unique role: It is the only one in Europe offering a profound artistic-technological education that focuses on textiles.

Textiles form the core of the "tkd" programme, a creative world of personal development. Activities range from traditional weaving technologies to the digital realisation of modern designs. Within this spectrum, different forms of free artistic work intertwine to open up new perspectives. The name "textile·art·design" already tells you what the bachelor and master programmes are all about: "tkd" includes textiles in all manifestations, art as a central field of activity, and design in applied technologies relating to art & function. The programme allows you to develop the fundamentals of your own artistic practice, through which you can shape your individual path.

Understand free art as a means of expression for your individual research & experimenting. Take your own space to develop independent artistic practice. Combine your knowledge with textile technologies—according to your own preferences & interests. By applying this experience to design, you create the best professional opportunities yourself. The team of lecturers is happy to assist you on your way—with expertise, artistic experience, motivation and patience. Various artistic methods allow you to choose your own focus within a wide range of media. Moreover, you will gain theoretical knowledge through complementary art & cultural studies.

For your artistic skills to become real, you will receive a basic education in all fields of contemporary textile technologies. Workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art machines & tools, offering you ideal working conditions. You can practice the oldest textile processing technique, weaving, in a generously equipped workshop which is connected to a dye house. Furthermore, screen printing, digital printing, a paper & latex studio, a sewing studio and a computer studio are at your disposal. At the textile centre in Haslach (Austria), you can specialise in Jacquard weaving.

What we offer
You will combine traditional media, materials & new technologies, choosing from a diverse range of courses and activities. Just to make you curious, we will only name a few: art design projects, excursions, workshops, external lecturers from various disciplines, participation in trade fairs, competitions, connections to the textile industry, exhibitions etc.

Bachelor programme
Holding the bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a career in all conceivable creative fields. This basic education allows you to work in different areas demanding artistic experimentation & self-reliance. But "tkd" also offers a master programme, which gives you the chance to further specialise & complete your studies.

Master programme
The master programme allows you to expand your artistic practice focusing on your specific fields of interest. During the first semesters of the master programme, you will be guided by discourse, group discussions, analyses & personal supervision in the workshops. You will have the freedom to experiment, specialise and, most importantly, reflect on your own work. Do you already hold a bachelor’s degree in an artistic field? Have you already dealt with textiles or developed individual art design concepts? You can enter the programme with a bachelor’s degree obtained from another educational institution!

More information
See for yourself and consider your options: Take a look at the blog, visit the university website, and talk to students & teachers. We look forward to inspiring collaboration!

More information on "textile·art·design" or application procedures.

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