May 28, 2020

2020 MFA Graduate Showcase

University of Arizona School of Art

Courtesy University of Arizona. 

The University of Arizona School of Art is proud to present the MFA Showcase, a curated virtual gallery spotlighting outstanding art and research works created by School of Art graduates. The online gallery helps us celebrate the tremendous effort and focus that goes into creating unique and challenging art while we wait to experience their physical thesis exhibition in person.

During the last year of their coursework, Master of Fine Arts students work closely with faculty to develop an original body of work that contributes to the discipline in novel ways. This requirement serves as the capstone of a three-year terminal degree program and is an essential component of its completion. The collection offers a broad mix of perspectives that reflects the diversity of ideas found at the School of Art and the culmination of our student’s passion combined with the expert guidance of our wonderful faculty. Please help us recognize and congratulate the MFA class of 2020.

Come explore the showcase at the Online Graduate Gallery.

Kaitlyn Jo Smith / Marisa Lewon / Leah Netsky / Erin DiGiovanni / Alex Turner / Zach Gotschalk / Martin Krafft / Kenzie Wells / Mijoung Kim / Jared Robison / Tamrin Ingram / Kareem-Anthony Ferreira / Elena Katherine Makansi / Dorsey Kaufmann / Marina Shaltout

Keep an eye out for future exhibitions through the Online Graduate Gallery.

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About the University of Arizona School of Art
The School of Art offers students the unique opportunity to work with world-renowned faculty in a multidisciplinary environment within a renowned R-1 research institution. We inspire students to broaden their perspectives and focus their passion to create work that realizes their human potential.

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