April 16, 2020

Open call for distributed workshops: H&D Summer Academy 2020 "Network Imaginaries"

Hackers & Designers

Volumetric Capture Lab, Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2019.

Are you a collective or a group of like-minded people interested in workshopping topics, technologies and practices revolving around "Network Imaginaries"? This call is for you!

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, H&D acknowledges the importance of continuity and actions of solidarity and therefore have restructured the 6th edition of the H&D Summer Academy into a distributed workshop program.

While H&D promotes the importance of physical encounters for community building, having discussions and starting new initiatives, we think it's important to stay safe. H&D therefore decided to collaborate with smaller groups in different places around the world and help with developing and facilitating remote learning formats that will be presented and shared online. During one dedicated week in July we will be hacking and designing in our own local communities and/or at home while being connected with the larger H&D network. H&D will support the different initiatives with resources and expertise, and by ensuring a learning infrastructure that is accessible and available to all participants.

With this open call for workshops we invite creative practitioners whose interests lie in critically and practically engaging with technology, to join us in reflecting and reimagining distributed practices. Whether it be fashion designers, system administrators, or disobedient citizens, we invite the H&D community to learn together about network technologies in experimental and hands-on ways. Under the overarching title "Network Imaginaries" we will challenge and activate participants to use and push the boundaries of existing technology and programming platforms (webware, hardware, software), online/offline networks, high and low tech (internet, IPFS, darknet, peer2peer, blockchain, bot networks, radio), and user experience—all in a practical manner and while addressing the ethical implications of the proposed technologies and processes.

Find more elaborate information on the subject and how the distributed H&D Summer Academy will work on our website!

The outcome and highlights will be shared on different platforms and during a public program in autumn.

An open call for participation opens on May 15, 2020.

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About Hackers & Designers
H&D is a non-profit workshop initiative with an emphasis on technology, design and art, and cross-disciplinary exchange. By creating shared moments of learning and unlearning, H&D invites ‘makers’, and ‘users’ to discuss topics related to reliances on technology in our daily physical and digital, private and professional lives. H&D furthermore promotes and stimulates self-initiation and strategies of self-determined making to enable socio-technological literacy and critical citizenship.

Hackers & Designers is kindly supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

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