June 23, 2020

9th Bucharest Biennale curatorial workshop: handfuls thrown into air and scattered over earth

MaHKU, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design

Mick Wilson, i sing the body electric: seven screen memories (2008-2012), 2013. 7 channel video installation, dimensions variable. Photo courtesy of The Lab, Dublin.

“Farewell to Research” the 9th Bucharest Biennale curated by Henk Slager presents a four-day online curatorial workshop organized by Mick Wilson—Handfuls thrown into air and scattered over earth—exploring the exhibition as site and agent of research.

Speakers include: Noor Abed, Nick Aikens, Noura Al Khasawneh, Anselm Franke, Ola Hassanain, Cătălin Gheorghe, Maxime Gourdon, Georgina Jackson, Lara Khaldi, Laima Kreivytė, Steven Henry Madoff, Paul O’Neill, Noura Salem, Berit Schuck, Henk Slager, Mick Wilson, and Chahrazad Zahi.

All times are local time Bucharest (EEST)

Tuesday, June 23
The question of exhibition as genre, poetic and apparatus
noon–1:30pm: Paul O’Neill, "When art becomes public: Exhibiting as a form of escape"
3–4:15pm: Cătălin Gheorghe, "Farewell to Research. Welcome to Rescription"
4:45–6pm: Discussion, "What—after all is said and done—is an exhibition?"

Wednesday, June 24
Exhibition histories

11am–noon: Henk Slager, in conversation with Mick Wilson
12:15–1:30pm: Georgina Jackson, "Scenes from the recent history of exhibitions and the question of the political"
3–4:15pm: Noura Al Khasawneh, Berit Schuck & Noura Salem, "Qayyem"
4:45–6pm: Anselm Franke, "On the medium of the exhibition and the limits of self-reflection"

Thursday, June 25
Exhibition as enquiry
11am–noon: Discussion: Exhibitions online—what for?
12:15–1:30pm: Nick Aikens, "Approaching the exhibition as research site"
3–4:15pm: Chahrazad Zahi, "On the Process of Qayyem"
4:45–6pm: Maxime Gourdon, "From the history of optics…"

Friday, June 26
The political imaginaries of exhibition
11am–noon: Discussion: ‘We’ don’t need another Biennale ‘here‘!
12:15–1:30pm: Ola Hassanain, "These walls: Grammars and humanly workable geographies"
3–4:15pm: Laima Kreivytė, "Curating as Art Practice and Politics"
4:45–6pm: Noor Abed & Lara Khaldi, "School of Intrusions"

6:30–7:45pm: Steven Henry Madoff, closing address

Participation is free, booking essential. To request a place, please complete the simple form provided on the site. Please indicate which days you wish to attend and briefly indicate the nature of your interest in the workshop (one to three sentences is sufficient.)

After booking confirmation (usually within a day) will be provided with the relevant links for each day of the workshop.

The event has been produced in partnership with the Goethe Institute, Bucharest, QAYYEM, the Art & Politics at the University of Gothenburg, PARSE Journal of Artistic Research, and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

QAYYEM Programme in Curatorial Research: Amman, Tangier, Alexandria is an intensive programme for emerging curators seeking to discuss notions of education, self-organisation. collectivity and deep adaptation, as well as methodologies of hope in the arts and beyond. More information here.

PARSE—Platform for Artistic Research Sweden—is a research publishing and biennial conference framework. In 2020–21 PARSE will conduct a research arc on the question of the exhibition across a range of practices that will lead to an issue of the journal. More information here.

Art & Politics at the University of Gothenburg is a combined online and face-to-face summer course that explores the many intersections of questions of art and questions of the political. More information here.

More information about the 9th Bucharest Biennale here.

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