October 11, 2019

Call for applications 2020: Ateliers des horizons—Education in Arts and Societies

MAGASIN des horizons - Centre national d'arts et de cultures

Mariano Peccinetti, Mountain sound.

Ateliers des horizons is a multidisciplinary training program provided by MAGASIN des horizons - National Center for Arts and Cultures, Grenoble (France).

How are we shaped by what we do? How do we shape the world?

Starting with these preliminary questions, the 2020–21 training program of the Ateliers des Horizons joins forces with five feminist scholars and activists who, drawing on their knowledge and experience, will share, and encourage active use of, theoretical, practical, and technical tools developed in view of fostering the emancipation, transformation, and creativity of every participant.

Ateliers des Horizons are open to anyone, regardless of their background, wishing to think actively and independently and to promote group and personal research in a collective setting.

Open to all, the Ateliers des horizons yearly program is:
–A forum for thinking and multidisciplinary proposals
–A principle of collaborative training
–A balance between bodily practice and theory
–900 hours of training annually
–450 on-site hours at MAGASIN des horizons (Grenoble)
–450 distance-learning hours

Contributors in 2019–20:

Elizabeth Hale & Tiphaine Kazi Tani
Elizabeth Hale is a designer and researcher conducting critical research on the relationships between design and civic engagement. She has devoted part of her work to the Calais Jungle, and is currently developing the notion of «docu-design,» which aims to examine the designers’ role through their capacity to document a given reality.

Tiphaine Kazi-Tani is a designer and researcher. Their work addresses the relationships between design and activism. They were an associate curator at the 2017 Biennale Internationale de Design in Saint-Étienne and at the French pavilion at the XXII Triennale di Milano (2019). Their work has been featured at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, at the MAGASIN des Horizons, the California Center for the Arts, etc.

Aude Marcia
A feminist activist and writer, and a trained public educator, Aude Marcia also develops construction skills, writing workshops, and experiments with community-based lifestyles.

Fanny Verrax
A philosopher quickly won over to interdiscplinary studies, Fanny Verrax spent over ten years in the academia before working as a teacher, independent researcher, and consultant at various institutions, including the French Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition.

Françoise Vergès
An antiracist feminist and president of the association Décoloniser les Arts, Françoise Vergès is the author of numerous books and articles, in French and English, dealing with colonial slavery, feminism, reparations, and museum practices. She has recently published Un féminisme décolonial with the Éditions de la Fabrique (2019).

The training program Ateliers des horizons requires that the participants have curious minds, be active in their discipline and/or autodidacts, and that they be willing to share their research and experience with members of the group as well as the general public in Grenoble. Required skills are: autonomy, writing and reading skills necessary for distance learning. The working languages are French and English, but other languages may also be used.

More information on the Ateliers des horizons training program and schedule in the information leaflet, click here, or on our website, click here.

The call for applications for the year 2020–21 is now open. Application material is due by Sunday, October 27, 2019.

For more information on how to apply, and to download the application form, click here, or write to ateliers [​at​]

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