October 11, 2019

MFA in Art Practice in Department of Art & Art History

Stanford University

McMurtry. Photo: Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service.

The MFA program provides a rigorous and demanding educational environment appropriate to the needs of strongly motivated students, selected based on quality of work that reflects exceptional individuality, achievement and potential. Candidates should show a level of intellectual curiosity and artistic drive that the program is geared to further develop through an intensive trajectory of research, writing, art making, career building, and critiques with faculty and visiting guests. Students will be given the time, support and state-of-the-art resources to creatively explore their personal interests within the rich and complex tapestry of global culture and conversation. The curriculum adopts an interdisciplinary approach that encourages experimental and innovative integration of art and media informed by a wide and diverse spectrum of contemporary theoretical and critical discourse. The small program embraces a communal spirit that facilitates close interaction among students and faculty, and in addition to cultivating the skills and sensibilities required to establish an independent professional art practice, offers a wealth of experience in teaching art at the highest academic level through assistantships and undergraduate course instruction.

More information: MFA Art Practice / applications

Faculty: Terry Berlier, Jonathan Calm, Enrique Chagoya, Paul DeMarinis, Camille Utterback, Gail Wight, Xiaoze Xie

Recent Visitors: Yael Bartana, Katarina Burin, Patty Chang, Masaki Fujihata, Doug Hall, Gary Hill, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Elizabeth King, Hung Liu, Nicola Lopez, Julie Mehretu, Casey Raes

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