April 19, 2019

Call for applications: Master's program in architecture

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Babylon 3. A reconstruction of a future. Photo: Werner Skvara

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
IKA Institute for Art and Architecture
Augasse 2-6
1090 Vienna

We believe that architecture is an intellectual construction of ideas tied to its socio-economic and political context. Architectural production needs to be alert and inquisitive, at the same time innovative, inventive and critical. Consequently we educate/encourage our students to experiment with ideas through research, test their credibility and viability through making and project their implementation in practice. If you are interested in architecture as a domain in which you exercise your intellectual capacity, where you tirelessly pursue arguing for a better world, where you insist on making a difference in how we inhabit the environment, and if you are interested in dialogue and debate, the Institute for Art and Architecture (IKA) at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is the right choice. We are looking for the best students who are interested in investing in the future of architecture.

Master's program in architecture
Analogue Digital Production (ADP), Construction Material Technology (CMT), Ecology Sustainability Cultural Heritage (ESC), History Theory Criticism (HTC), Geography Landscapes Cities (GLC)

Online registration: April 29–May 17, 2019
Interviews: July 8+9, 2019

Architectural education at the Institute for Art and Architecture (IKA) is based on five research platforms. They provide the foundation for a new type of architectural education, in which students and teachers alike can focus on a particular interest and yet connect to all of the other topics that are essential to understand the complexity of the discipline of architecture. Each platform constitutes a research and design laboratory exploring relevant contem­porary issues within its respective field. Design projects are at the center of the educa­tion and are taught by a versatile faculty of practicing architects, historians, and engineers on a one-on-one basis and through team-teaching.

Design faculty 2018/19: Alessandra Cianchetta, Christina Condak, David Gissen, Efrén García Grinda, Daniela Herold, Michelle Howard, Christina Jauernik, Antje Lehn, Cristina Díaz Moreno, Luciano Parodi, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Angelika Schnell, Werner Skvara, Rüdiger Suppin, Hannes Stiefel, Wolfgang Tschapeller

Recent lecturers: Fahim Amir, Sandra Bartoli, Michael J. Black, Marcel Bois, Eva Buchinger, Vera Bühlmann, Nic Clear, Gabrielle Cram, Hélène Frichot, Diedrich Diederichsen, Guta Moura Guedes, Owen Hatherley, Johan Hartle, Eva Horn, Ebru Kurbak, Sonia Leimer, Wolfgang Maderthaner, Lucia Melloni, Kerstin Meyer, Antonio Negri, Johannes Paul Raether, Friedemann Schrenk, Ruth Sonderegger, Robert Trappl, Johann Wojta

Language: Program in English and German (B2 level required).

Fees: regular students are exempt from paying tuition fees for the designated duration of their studies plus an extra two semesters. Regulations.

Contact: T +43 1 58816 5101, T +43 1 58816 5102, arch [​at​]

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