April 9, 2019

Space for Kids. When Robots Dream

Kunsthalle Wien

Space for Kids. When Robots Dream, 2019.

In the distant future, the earth may mostly be inhabited by robots, robots experiencing thrilling adventures. With cameras, tripods and lighting equipment we will imagine them by creating exciting videos using specially-built film sets. What will the robots do? What will their world(s) look and sound like?

In April 2019, the Kunsthalle Wien Museumsquartier will once again become an innovative learning and meeting place, this time transforming into both a video studio and an exhibition venue by focusing on the development of individual stories and experiments with film. In a series of workshops, children are invited to realize their creative ideas for a common cinematic narrative on “When Robots Dream” using four film sets that were designed and built by artists.

Space for Kids is the prototype for an exhibition format that seeks to meet the needs and perspectives of children. With the aim of introducing kids to contemporary art as well as to making art themselves, the ever-changing exhibition combines action and contemplation, production and reception, as well as visual and other forms of art experience.

Kunsthalle Wien is an institution that actively promotes integration and education informed by artistic thinking and strategies. The institution has been calling attention to this issue by way of a series of projects on the teamwork between children, young adults, and artists. The goal of these projects is to demonstrate the potential of contemporary art, and to stimulate creative and intellectual exchange.

“Part of the concept is to provide kids with an environment where they can develop and experiment with their ideas without having to worry about anything. At the same time, they can be taken seriously about their thoughts. Space for Kids tackles the respectful distance most children and young teens have towards art and takes it down from its pedestal.” Education team, Kunsthalle Wien.

The exhibition project Space for Kids. When Robots Dream has been developed by the art education department of Kunsthalle Wien in co-operation with artists Gabriele Edlbauer, Andrea Konrad, and Michèle Pagel.

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