March 28, 2019

Call for applications: grants for 2019 Salzburg Summer Academy

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts

Sammy Baloji, Untitled, 2017. Copper shell casings, various sizes, exhibition view at Galerie Art & Essai, Rennes, 2018.

Until April 3, 2019 you can still apply for one of the many grants available to participate in one of our 18 courses at the 2019 Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts.

Of mountains and landscapes
The highlights of this year's programme include the course offered by Congolese artist Sammy Baloji together with writer and curator Lotte Arndt. Under the title Hunting & collecting, the course is geared not only towards all manner of artists, but also to curators, art historians, anthropologists and anyone else interested. Considering the tradition of mining in Salzburg and in the Congo, a starting-point might be the landscape, to research post-colonial traces in the present. Works can be produced in a wide variety of media, including photography, sound, installation, text, painting and sculpture, or as an exhibition concept, essay or academic paper.

The Stone Sculpture course directed by Karin Reichmuth also deals, in a different way, with landscape, or rather, mountain. The Summer Academy offers a unique opportunity to live and work for four weeks in the quarry on the Untersberg. Under the title Listen to the stone, participants will be introduced to techniques of working with stone, while enjoying the magical, intensive atmosphere of living right at the origin of the material.

Michael Beutler, too, takes a mountain as the starting-point of his course in sculpture and installation—the very mountain on which Hohensalzburg Fortress stands. There, on site—the location of the Summer Academy for the past 66 years—the course entitled In the conglomerate will deal with selection and combination of the materials.

The Summer Academy offers numerous grants, usually covering participation fee only. Application deadline is April 3, 2019. Details.

Further information on application for courses is available on our website.

All Teachers: Ei Arakawa with Sarah Chow, Sammy Baloji/Lotte Arndt, Michael Beutler, Kimberly Bradley, Eli Cortiñas, Svenja Deininger, Marina Fokidis, Cameron Jamie, Jakob Kolding, Paulina Olowska, Ciara Phillips, Tobias Pils, Imran Qureshi, Karin Reichmuth, Yorgos Sapountzis, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Massinissa Selmani, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair

See detailed descriptions of courses and biographies of the teachers here.

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