April 23, 2019

Second-year MFA Fine Arts exhibition

Pratt Institute

Chutian Shu, (MFA ‘19) Changsha, 2018. Inkjet print on paper, 24 x 16 inches.

Curated by LeRonn P. Brooks

Participating artists: Allen Ball, Daniel Barragan, Isabelle Brourman, Hank Ehrenfried, Alanna Fields, Connie Fu, Danil Gertman, Santiago Giralda, Maria Elizabeth Janasz, Devin B. Johnson, Dayeon Kim, Philip LaVelle, Xingze Li, Lizzy Lunday, Brittney Lyons, Camille McNally, Shohei Miyachi, Monika Monika, ChaeWon Moon, Brian Napier, Mathilde van Nuffel d’Heynsbroeck, Jean Oh, Alp Oz, Jamaal Peterman, Hongyu Pu, Jiwon Rhie, Aubrey Roemer, Madeline Rupard, Michele Rushfeldt, Chutian Shu, George Skoufas, Katreen Sorokina, Wen Tao, Christina Thurston, Trevis True, Devin Utah, Erik Wangsvick, Bradley Ward, Jessica Niello-White, Shinhee Yu, Netta Bar Zion

All In is a group exhibition that explores the intersections between form and urgency. Each work stands as a metaphor for the evidence of the imagination’s questions about life, its ambiguities, secrets, and truths. This is to say that there exists a community of inter-dependent and individual practices, here. Each work embodies its maker and is as unique, experimental and speculative, as the still-unfolding narrative(s) of each artist’s life and His/Her/Their implication(s) to the world(s) to which this exhibition is an invitation. It is an invitation (in)to the speculative interior(s) from which the imagination blooms as a matter of culture/counterculture, and the exploration of “personal knowing” and witnessing. Each work is a personified space of this witnessing and each space is a room for narration. “All In” is, therefore, evidence from the interior(s) and the communication of a deeply held bond between classmates, peers, friends, and fellow journeyers. –LeRonn P. Brooks, PhD

Gallery hours: Monday–Saturday 11am–6pm and Thursday until 8pm

Discussion on Saturday, May 11, 2019, 4-6pm. facilitated by curator LeRonn P. Brooks with The Brooklyn Museum’s Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Ashley James, and artist William Villalongo.

Pratt Institute’s Master in Fine Arts (MFA) program provides an advanced interdisciplinary education for artists supported by distinguished faculty, exceptional facilities, and a community of peers. Enriched by the abundance and inspiration of New York City, Pratt’s critically engaged faculty respond to each student’s individual practice, supporting their development and enabling an intense and transformative immersion in the diverse cultures of contemporary art making. Find more information about the program.

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