March 28, 2019

Call for applications: Master in Visual Arts

St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp

Isuare Sanne, 2017.

Studying art or design is never an end in itself but a means to your own goals. This is why we challenge you within our completely renewed master's program at Sint Lucas Antwerp, to formulate relevant answers to these two questions: What do you want to achieve with the already acquired artistic knowledge, skills and attitudes within your discipline? In which context do you want to be active with your artistic practice?

Consider our one-year master's program (60 credits) as your first year as a professional artist or designer and use the full potential of all our master coaches to contextualize your work within a contemporary theoretical and professional framework. Through research, experimentation and network building you will become self-aware of the potential of your own choices and ambitions.

Master in Art & Design as an applied practice
Do you see yourself as a designer or artist functioning in a commercial context, where you develop your projects based on your relationship with a client? In the applied master you learn how to meet the expectations of your customers, by developing your own style and artistic vision. You will also learn how to present your projects in order to attract new customers. Within this trajectory, you develop work in direct relationship with a company, organization or professional, with whom you will also do an internship for 10 weeks.

Master in Art & Design as an autonomous practice
If you prefer to develop an artistic practice on your own initiative you should opt for this trajectory. The autonomous practice master is a studio-based program open to all artistic disciplines within which both specialized and multidisciplinary approaches are encouraged. This master's track offers a unique context to develop your practice within cultural, aesthetic and socio-political contexts. From this meta-perspective, you will investigate and push the limitations of your artistic discipline through the further development of skills, research methods, theoretical and analytical frameworks.

Master in Art & Design in a socio-political context
Are you looking for a way to develop your own practice, independently of whether it is autonomous or applied, in a socially engaged or activist manner? What does it mean to work artistically for and with a community? How can you impart new insights to our society through your work? If you want to learn how to engage others in a sociopolitical context, you should choose this option. In this master's trajectory, you use the social and/or the political to create art and design.

Master in Art & Design in a technological context
Are you interested in following the latest developments in digital and broader technological fields, and do you want to use these as platforms for artistic production? In this trajectory you are encouraged to experiment by using, manipulating, co-opting and deconstructing (digital) technology. Through your Masters’ program, you can explore the limits of computer programming, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things, gaming, data visualization etc... These endeavours will help prepare you to shape the (digital) future. Within this master's trajectory, you strategically incorporate the digital and/or the technological to create art and design.

For all details and admission requirements please visit our website or contact the head of the academic master programme Kurt Vanbelleghem by email.

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