August 28, 2018

Call for applications 2018–19

Academy of Visual Arts, Ljubljana

Luka Savić, "Revolution and Letatlin", kinetic sculpture, 2015, photo:  Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Courtesy: International Centre of Graphic Arts

In the academic year 2018-19, AVA offers opportunities for study in the following areas: Painting, Sculpture, Performance arts, Installation, Photography and photo media, Digital imaging, Animation / animatronics, Film / video, Design for film, theatre, television and public events, Post-media arts

Study programmes: Fine Art, Conceptualisation of Space

AVA offers approved programmes of advanced study in visual arts with the following strengths:
–A high staff-student ratio of around 1 tutor per 10 students
–A personal workspace for each student
–Specialist workshops and technical support
–The two programmes offered, Fine Art and Conceptualisation of Space, promote an exciting culture of interdisciplinarity
–Intensive and stimulating practical and theoretical programmes of around 1200 scheduled hours per academic year
–Theory and practice are balanced and interdependent
–Our tutors—all respected professional practitioners—encourage students to fulfil their creative potential in the context of an awareness of current international professional practices

AVA welcomes applications from Slovenian, EU and international students.

How to apply
Applicants are required to submit their portfolio with the application form and attend an interview where they will present their portfolio of work. An interview appointment will be offered to applicants once a completed application form and portfolio have been submitted.

Academy of Visual Arts (AVA)
The Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) was established in Ljubljana in 2008 to challenge common attitudes towards the arts in Slovenia and the region, particularly regarding the discourse concerning the sociopolitical implications of globalized culture and society.

AVA encourages interdisciplinary research and the use of new media and technologies within a theoretical framework. Study is based on a critical understanding of art within a broad cultural and social context. AVA students are given the practical and theoretical tools as well as experience to work in a wide range of professional artistic environments.

AVA is an independent, non-profit Art College that constantly seeks to improve the quality of its courses through annual assessments that are conducted by external examiners from the UK. Students at AVA are tutored and supervised by artists and lecturers from various European universities. Among the professors are also two members of the visual art group IRWIN (NSK). AVA holds a unique position in Slovenia in that its courses are based on the British higher education system (FHEQ).

Every academic year since 2009, AVA has hosted 8 to 10 internationally recognised visiting artists and professionals from the field of contemporary visual arts.

The school is located in the very centre of Ljubljana and each student is given his/her own studio space.

Exhibition: RAZST-AVA-10
You are cordially invited to attend the opening of the exhibition RAZST-AVA-10 on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 8pm at Palača Cukrarna in Ljubljana. The exhibition celebrates AVA’s 10th anniversary.

Among the selected authors are: Vanja Erjavec, Ari Gabrijelčič, Olja Grubić, Evelina Herkules Hägglund, Ana Jagodič, Andrea Knezović, Zala Kobe, Gregor Maver, Nina Oblak, Oliver Pilić, Gregor Rozman, Luka Savić, Daniela Danica Tepeš and Sanja Vatić.

The exhibition will be opened by theatre director David Gothard, an established founder of the renowned art centre Riverside Studios in London. In his long career, Gothard collaborated with, among many others, Tadeusz Kantor, Samuel Beckett, Dario Fo, Sol LeWitt, Philip Glass and Lucinda Childs.

Address: Palača Cukrarna, Ambrožev trg 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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