July 23, 2018

Postgraduate programmes in multimedia arts

Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV)

(1) Peter Welz, Portrait #3 [ Antonioni & Vitti], Galerie Crone 2015. Photo: Marcus Schneider. Courtesy Peter Welz. (2) Photo: Mattia Balsamini. (3) Master Iuav in Photography. (4) MDE: Master Digital Exhibits.

MOVIES: Master in Moving Images Arts
This master's degree is designed for those who want to work with moving images and with the spaces that these activate. The course’s main objective is to let students integrate within a network of filmmakers, academics, curators as well as institutions where film is produced and screened.
The course offers advanced levels of knowledge and skills in order to carry out various undertakings in the ambit of the moving image, including: filmmaker, expanded cinema artist, new media artist, creative director, director of photography, media event curator.

The course collaborates with both a local and international nexus of partners who are eager to welcome participants for work experience at the end of the training program.

The teaching staff includes: Rosa Barba, Carloni-Franceschetti, Danilo Correale, Andrea Lissoni, Philippe Alain-Michaud, Angela Vettese, Peter Welz, Zapruder Filmmakersgroup, and many more.

For information contact: info [​at​] / Facebook / Instagram

IMID: Interactive Media for Interior Design
The Postgraduate Specialisation in Interactive Media for Interior Design is an annual taught programme focus on three main topics: Visual Communication, Image and Interior Design.

Lectures, workshops and company guided tours are held by faculty staff and design professionals, including photographers, developers, video artist, gallerists and designers.

With a theoretical and practical approach, students acquire interdisciplinary professional skills whilst producing their projects, having the exclusive access to local craftsmen and venetian masters. At the end of this training period they take a field internship experience with renowned italian design firms.

For information contact: luciano.comacchio [​at​] / Facebook / Instagram

Master Iuav in Photography
The master aims to train students to become professional photographers and to develop authorial autonomy, in-depth analysis of the grammar of photography, the coordination of individual and collective photographic projects from the development of the initial idea to the finalization of publications and photographic books, through the collaboration with figures such as client, graphic designer, photolitist and typographer. The master offers to participants the necessary instruments for the photographer profession, from technical notions to the development of an independent visual research through workshops and field exercises. During the master, the students develop a series of projects under the supervision of the different authors, they attend internships at institutions, photographic studios and independent realities, developing a professional approach to contemporary photography and coming into contact with a network of international professionals, curators and editors active in Italy and abroad.

Held in collaboration with Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Genda Magazine, Linea di Confine, Villa Manin, PIerre Von Kleist Editions, Humboldt Books, a+m bookstore.

For information contact: info [​at​] / Facebook / Instagram

MDE: Master Digital Exhibits
The Master’s Degree in Digital Exhibits (MDE) is a one year course and is worth 60 ECTS credits.This Postgraduate Degree has the purpose of train professionals in a way that enables them to develop design projects of interactive multimedia environment. Architects, as well as designers, set designers, choreographer or artists will be taught to explore the creative uses of new technologies for experimental and practical purposes.Through a learning-by-doing approach, students will learn to use manufacturing and digital prototyping tools, working on art installations and museum exhibits, performance events and immersive installations, learning about 3d scanning and 3D modelling, animation, video projection mapping, interactivity and augmented reality.

For information contact: barbiani [​at​] / Facebook

For administrative inquiries contact:
Master Office
Santa Croce 601 Campo della Lana
30135 Venice

master [​at​] / T +39 (0)041 257 1679

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