May 11, 2018

Two new low-residency creative research doctoral programs with Western Sydney University

Transart Institute

Photo: Aleks Slota, 2017. Student presentation.

Transart Institute for Creative Research in collaboration with Western Sydney University is excited to announce two new low-residency doctoral programs—Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Creative Arts. Accepted applicants attend summer intensive in Berlin July 23–August 10, 2018.

Which doctoral program suits your creative practice and working process?

The Doctor of Creative Arts (DCA) is a program where your written research is guided through cumulative stages in which an exegesis— critical reflection and/or interpretive analysis of your own practice—will emerge.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is for artists with a specific research project or question/s they want to examine in order to develop their work. Led by your research question/s it is a combination of your praxis and thinking where your writing—a thesis—actively contributes to the creative work itself, functioning as an integral part of the overall research.

Both DCA and PhD programs culminate in the submission and evaluation of your creative research as a public dissemination of new work + thesis/exegesis in a form/format that best articulates and reflects your work and ideas.

Details including curriculum, advisor list and admissions process are available here: PhD / DCA

Full time and part-time options are available for each. Enter in the second year of the DCA with a completed MFA.

This spring only:

MFA Merit Scholarships: May scholarships are 4000 USD; June scholarships are 2000 USD. Applications close July 1 with a starting residency date in Berlin July 23, 2018. No additional scholarship application beyond admissions required. Scholarships are available to all applicants and the amounts are based on the month of commitment.

MFA in One Year: It is still possible to earn an MFA in one year with relevant and sufficient graduate credits. You may send transcripts with a brief inquiry to admissions [​at​] for confirm thatyour credits are acceptable before applying.

MFA with No First Degree: Professional equivalency as demonstrated by “portfolio,” CV and admissions application can be granted in lieu of a first degree as determined by Transart Institute Admissions and our partner Plymouth University. You may send unofficial transcripts and a link to your practice to admissions [​at​] before you apply to find out if you qualify.

About Transart
We champion self-directed, curious, flexible and socially engaged creative researchers working independently and/or collectively. Our border-free model and reputation attracts a diverse international body of students, faculty and advisors from equally diverse artistic and academic contexts and geographic locations. We are all part of a global, trans-disciplinary research community, creating opportunities to expand, enhance and sustain individual and collective practices in the world, beyond the walls of the academy.

The institute supports: new narratives, international diaspora, post-nationalism and post-colonialism; exile; the role of art in peace and mediation; trauma, memory and the archive; home; space(s) in between; temporary architecture; ecologies of learning; otherness and the uncanny.

The independent Transart Institute for Creative Research was founded and is operated entirely by artists since 2004. Transart is a member of the ELSE Foundation consortium of global creative researchers.

If you are interested in starting a program this summer in Berlin, we encourage you to contact Andrew Cooks—Transart Academic Coordinator—here.

Transart Institute for Creative Research
T +1 (347) 410 9905 / admissions [​at​] / Skype: transartinstitute

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