June 19, 2018

Class of 2018 exhibition
Más Opacidad


Courtesy SOMA, class 2018.

Sofía Abraham, Victoire Barbot, Joan Bennassar, Paloma Contreras, Andrea Nones Kobiakov, Berenice Olmedo, Bruno Ruíz and Jacobo Zambrano

This exhibition elicits a double demand: If the right to opacity is a claim in itself, more opacity is a call for actions of resistance and self-reflection that escape the overbearing codification of artistic languages. The quick, almost immediate, recognition of form and content gives away in most cases the homologation and assimilation of tendencies within art production.

Demanding opacity in the context of a graduation exhibition necessarily implies detachment. More than a thematic exploration, one must conceive opacity as a permanent but mobile condition that resists becoming stable or fixed. It is a refusal to replicate what is learned or inherited, a resistance to becoming assimilated into a norm or a canon. An opaque thought implies inhabiting the margins to avoid being decoded, to remain camouflaged. Thus, demanding more opacity opens new possibilities in the realm of the formal and the exhaustive exploration of materiality. Both can act as vehicles or operational forms that while traversing the fog do not dissipate it, but make it denser. In this way, as we conclude a formative trajectory, to walk down the trodden path and to waver before the next step are parts of the demand.

Fabiola Iza, 2018

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