Art Education and Conservation in Madagascar summer 2018
School of Visual Arts (SVA)
Above: Photo: Deborah Ross.
Above: Photo: Deborah Ross.

70 CTLE hours for Professional Teachers

Instructors: Deborah Ross and Rose Viggiano 

Madagascar is located off the southeastern coast of Africa and is the fourth-largest island country in the world. Over 90% of its wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth. Unfortunately, this unique island ecosystem is endangered by the encroachment of human population and other environmental threats.

The visual arts are not required in public schools in Madagascar. However, there is keen interest in bringing the arts into the curriculum, paralleling the recent initiatives in STEAM in the United States. This SVA course offers a unique opportunity for art educators to collaborate with Malagasy educators to create an art and science curriculum that can instill in present and future generations the importance of preserving and caring for this delicate ecosystem. Ultimately, the creation of this curriculum will support the ongoing environmental efforts in this country.

Course participants will be housed at Centre ValBio (CVB), a research center dedicated to protecting Madagascar’s unique and biologically diverse ecosystems through conservation science and projects that directly benefit the local people. CVB has a world-class research station sited on the edge of Madagascar’s beautiful and abundant Ranomafana National Park. Under the direction of world-renowned primatologist Patricia Wright, Centre ValBio facilitates hands-on science projects to educate people about sustaining the resources of Madagascar. In collaboration with villagers, they are expanding the frontiers of knowledge while safeguarding biodiversity for future generations.

During the program, participants will write up their observations and experiences, and document the curriculum they developed with Malagasy educators and naturalists for their portfolios. Journal summaries and curricula by participating teachers will also be compiled and published digitally by SVA. Published curricula will be made available for reference and future use by participating teachers and teachers in Madagascar.

Note: This course is a Professional Development Course for Initial and CTLE Art Teachers

For more information, contact Rose Viggiano at [email protected] or T 212 592 2449.

May 7, 2018