Studio Intensive in Mexico
School of Visual Arts (SVA)
Above: Steve DeFrank, Calaveras - Oaxaca, Mexico, 2017.
Above: Steve DeFrank, Calaveras - Oaxaca, Mexico, 2017.
School of Visual Arts (SVA)
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Faculty: Steve DeFrank and Mary Jo Vath 

Jump start your studio practice this summer! Combine a visit to the enchanting city of Oaxaca, Mexico, with concentrated studio time to produce your project. Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film/video and interdisciplinary works are all excellent mediums to work with in this inspiring location. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Oaxaca is tranquil but lively city where you can appreciate ancient civilizations, Spanish Colonial art and architecture, vibrant cultural traditions and a lively contemporary arts scene.

Tours to the important archeological sites of Monte Alban, and the smaller, exquisitely detailed Mitla (both designated world heritage sites) will introduce the history of this beautiful valley and it’s indigenous people. A walking tour of the historic center of Oaxaca will bring us into the Colonial era of the 16th Century, and visits to traditional markets and artisan villages allow a closer look at the living traditions of the (mostly) Zapotec people. We will explore the numerous contemporary museums and exhibition spaces, artists studios, sustainable/community oriented arts projects, and designer/artist/artisan collaborations that look to the future in unexpected ways.

On location, a shared studio will be our base of operations as well as workspace. There will be informal group reviews and critiques to enjoy peer feedback, and there will be a formal final group critique to end the session.

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April 9, 2018


School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York