March 6, 2018

Call for applications: CCC Research-Based Master Programme

Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD)

Jamahiriya Hagbold, The Black Swan Turned Its 9 Faces Towards Me. Collectively written novel by Aurélien Ballif, Joo Young Hwang, Maïté Chénière, Ghalas Charara, Alice Escorel Boudreau, Yael Wicki, Tina Wetchy, Léa Gallon and Raphaëlle Mueller, 2016/17. © CCC of HEAD – Genève. 

The CCC Research Master is one of three Master Programs of the Visual Arts Department at HEAD – Genève. The CCC focuses on contemporary research practices in the transformative field of the arts of the 21st century. We expect candidates from all possible academic and non-academic fields who are ready to commit themselves to a full-time Master with passion, endurance, collective will, open-mindedness, and a thirst to move towards new horizons in doing research, making projects and thinking within a transcontinental group of students, faculty and guests. Our pedagogies operate on the grounds of trans- and post-disciplinary processes in the arts, science and cyber-technologies, entangled modernities, translation, internationalisms, politics of materiality and self-education.

The letter C as in CCC stands for critical, curatorial, cybernetic research studies and opens towards horizons of conceptual, constellational, communal, (anti-)colonial, computational, compositional, cross-cultural, contemporary, conversational, cyclonopedic, cyborglike, correlational, cosmic, controversial or confessional investigations: Which knowledge? Whose knowledge? For which purposes? How do we get there? And what to do with it?

The bilingual Curriculum (English/French) consists of project-seminars in Theory Fiction, Curatorial Politics, Critical Studies and Political Studies, where the students engage together in new forms of knowledge, methods, speculation and means of articulation. The collectively driven seminars called Situated Art Practices, Writing Research Practice and the Reading Group are fully dedicated to the students’ individual research processes, art projects and curatorial investigations. The two-years CCC Research Master trains students to develop a practice-led methodology for researching a self-chosen topic by the means of art, curation and writing: Each student develops a multi-part vocabulary to take a position in relation to contemporary debates in the arts and beyond.

Online applications:
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Navigating Turbulences names the CCC Public Seminar by the CCC Research Program (Master and CCC PhD-Forum) of the Visual Arts Department at HEAD – Genève. The Public Seminar proposes to continue to think together in public about the need for new vocabularies for living in global turbulences by means of contemporary research processes. Let’s get to work for re-articulating the politics of ‘research’ through speaking about and making practices in 2017/18 at CCC-salle 27 of HEAD – Genève on Boulevard Helvétique 9, CH-1205 Geneve, each at 7pm: November 1: “Ferocious Lack Harmony (a transpoetic reading)” with Caspar Heinemann. December 4: “From Calvin to Calvinland (a political investigation by the means of art)” with Dominique Ziegler. January 15: “Research, Solidarity and Resistance in States of Emergency” with Çağla Aykaç. February 20: “Distributed Cognition and Generic Situatedness” with Patricia Reed. April 9: “Je suis biomasse” with Michael Marder. May 14: “Event Horizon” with Anne-Julie Raccoursier. May 28: “Reason’s Oxymorons” with Kader Attia.

During the upcoming academic year of 2018/19, the CCC Research Program will continue to realize the Navigating Turbulence Public Seminar at CCC-salle 27. The series of talks, screenings, readings and conversations will discuss The Hate that Hate Makes. More a frame than a theme, The Hate that Hate Makes will open a forum to address, analyze, counter and sabotage the contemporary forms of fascism in relation to the role of art, research, (non-)knowledge, institutions and the world. Navigating Turbulence CCC Public Seminar will continue to operate as an interface between the CCC-Curriculum with its faculty, students, guests and the general public.

Head of CCC Research Program: Doreen Mende. Professors: Kodwo Eshun, Pierre Hazan, Doreen Mende, Anne-Julie Raccoursier, Gene Ray. Visiting Professor: Çağla Aykaç. Assistants: Camilla Paolino and Julia Pecheur.

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