February 14, 2018

Seeking Professor in Fine Art specialised in Forms of Performative Expression

Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm

Rebecca Digby, 2017. Photo: Jean Baptiste Beranger.

Kungl. Konsthögskolan / The Royal Institute of Art (KKH) is an institution for higher education in art and architecture in Stockholm, with an international faculty of leading artists, theoreticians and architects.

KKH has a little over 200 students and a staff of about 60. The Royal Institute of Art offers a five-year Programme and a Master Programme in Fine Art, one-year Post-Master courses in Fine Art and Architecture, and boasts a research environment comprising a PhD Programme and a variety of research projects.

KKH also run an active international program with lectures, exhibitions and publications. The Vice Chancellor of the Royal Institute of Art is Sara Arrhenius.

The position specialises in performance in the expanded field in which forms of performative expression occupy art spaces or other places in dialogue with further aspects of contemporary art, including installation, sculpture, painting and sound.

Job description
The main focus of the position is to teach and supervise Fine Art students on all levels – from undergraduate to PhD. A professor in Fine Art at KKH has special responsibility for a group of students at the Programmes in Fine Art and for obligatory segments and examination. The position also includes developing the study programme and contributing to the field’s educational development work. A very important element of the position is the post-holder’s own research and artistic development work.

The position also includes participation in the Institute’s common work, such as contributing to the joint planning of the study programme, participating on the Institute’s boards, committees and working parties and developing the Institute’s national and international network. The position may also include staff management.

The successful applicant must have:
–Artistic expertise, particularly in the field of performative expression.
–Demonstrated teaching skills.

Assessment criteria
KKH places particularly strong emphasis on artistic expertise. The applicant’s artistic practice must be well-documented, independent, individual and of a high level.

Teaching expertise involves:
–An excellent ability to develop, lead and implement teaching of a high quality at all education levels
–An ability to stimulate and develop student learning
–An excellent ability to carry out educational development efforts
–The concept of teaching expertise also includes a commitment to education and learning, a well-founded view of education as a concept and a vision for learning.

Additional assessment criteria:
–An excellent ability to create, lead and develop artistic activities of a high quality
–An excellent ability to cooperate with the world outside of the higher education institution
–Administrative expertise and the capacity for overall management planning
–Excellent cooperation skills, a strong sense of responsibility and leadership skills
–International experience
–An ability to develop partnerships and manage projects

The position requires advanced knowledge of English, spoken and written, knowledge of Swedish is not a requirement.

This is a full-time five-year contract. KKH may renew the contract for another term of five years without additional competition. The position includes participating in the Institute’s common work and some administrative work. 50% of the working hours may be devoted to artistic research and artistic development work.

The Kungl. Konsthögskolan / Royal Institute of Art wishes to take advantage of the qualities that an equal gender distribution and cultural diversity add to its activities and we welcome applicants who can contribute to this.

Read more about the position and apply on our webpage:

KKH is a leading art institution of higher education with a long artistic tradition. Active international program with lectures, exhibitions and publications.

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