May 8, 2018

Degree Exhibition 2018
Rest Easy with Confidence

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design

Konstfack Degree Exhibition identity, 2018. © Oskar Laurin.

“Of course it hurts when buds burst. Otherwise why would spring hesitate? Why would all our fervent longing be bound in the frozen bitter haze? The bud was the casing all winter. What is this new thing, which consumes and bursts? Of course it hurts when buds burst, pain for that which grows and for that which envelops.”

The 2018 Konstfack Degree Exhibition is framed by Swedish poet and novelist Karin Boye’s poem about pain and spring. We read her words, see how creation and life are intertwined. The courage to break boundaries and think in new ways go hand in hand with doubt and hesitation... can I take this step? Will it be any good—does it hold up?

The answer to this years’ 175 graduating students is an unhesitating “yes”! They take their places in Konstfack’s long-standing tradition of making new connections between aesthetics, ethics, design and education that impact our society, yes, even the world. In doing so, they will make an impression in the large and the small, as artists, teachers, architects, craftspeople and designers. Their work and their thoughts are as unfathomably beautiful as spring itself, as forceful and as dramatic. The road here has been long and sometimes painful. But as creation blossoms, it is joy and euphoria that we feel. Spring is here, as is the future.
–Maria Lantz, Vice-Chancellor, Konstfack

Curator: Marti Manen
Graphic Designer: Oskar Laurin

The Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes represented include; Graphic Design & Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, Ceramics & Glass, Fine Art, Textiles, Ädellab and Teacher Education programme in Visual Arts.

Anne Klontz, Head of Exhibitions: anne.klontz [​at​]
For web catalogue, press images and updated programme, see:

Konstfack is Sweden’s largest university of arts, crafts and design with undergraduate and graduate programmes in arts, crafts, design and visual arts/sloyd teacher education. All education programmes at Konstfack share a common artistic basis. The school was founded in 1844 and has currently 900 students and 200 staff members.

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