January 20, 2018

Over The Moon symposium

Piet Zwart Institute

Space Debris, Impression. Courtesy Institute of Space Systems, TU Braunschweig.

This symposium by The Piet Zwart Institute is part of IFFR’s thematic Curtain Call programme, which invites us to reflect on the lure of science and our obsession with progress through a series of films and an exhibition. The starting point for the symposium is how film studios, business marketeers and media enterprises love to trigger our imagination when it comes to space exploration. However, the images they generate are usually regressive rather than future- oriented. Get ready for a day filled with talks and presentations on both historical and contemporary approaches to visualising space.

Speakers include:

Johann Lurf in conversation with Alejandro Bachmann: Gazing at the Stars, Reflecting on Present and Past

Natalija Majsova: The Horizons of a Past Future – Space Flight in Soviet Science Fiction Cinema

Kurt Vanhoutte: Celestial Bodies—The Human Orrery, Performing Science from the 19th to the 21st century

Cath Le Couteur: Project Adrift—The Hidden World of Space Junk

Neal David Hartman: Communicating science through storytelling and artistic collaboration at CERN

Lawrence Lek: First-Person—Fictional Artists and Post-human Players

Free admission

Symposium by IFFR Curtain Call and the Piet Zwart Institute (The Lens-Based Media study path) with additional support from the Swiss Embassy. The day is part of the thematic IFFR programme Curtain Call that offers an invitation to reflect upon the lure of science, and the obsession with progress, through a series of films and an exhibition: see

The Piet Zwart Institute houses the international Master programs of the Willem de Kooning Academy. Through a uniquely tailored curriculum combining collective learning, intensive individual tutorial support, practice-based research and theoretical inquiry, the Media Design Masters educates young professionals who wish to develop a critically reflective, innovative and imaginative approach to their work.

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