December 14, 2017

Call for applications: MFA in Studio Art

The University of Texas at Austin

Ryan Hawk, Ulterior Subjects 1&2, 2017. Two-channel 1080p video with sound, modified medical IV poles, various cables and hardware. Courtesy of artist.

The University of Texas at Austin’s Studio Art program has developed a multidisciplinary environment based on the individual interests of our graduate students, promoting intellectual curiosity and direct engagement with the larger world. Our faculty find these conditions best promote an artist’s ability to develop work of the greatest consequence. Within our well-equipped facilities, artists explore the various disciplines’ parameters, depths and overlaps, discovering applications to new and traditional modes of expression while simultaneously examining links between art and the world.

Ours is a vital community of diverse and engaged artists. Professionally active faculty, knowledgeable technical staff, a robust visiting artist and critic program and the tremendous research facilities housed at The University of Texas underpin a rigorous studio-intensive program. This is a fast-paced, full-time 2-year program that takes full advantage of UT’s physical, technical and intellectual resources. Students can choose to work in depth in a particular area or across any of our five disciplines: Painting, Photo, Print, Sculpture, and Transmedia. Additionally, we are in the fourth year of a reciprocal exchange program between the Royal College of Art in London and UT. Each fall we send a second-year studio art grad to the RCA for the semester while they, in turn, send us one of theirs. Additional residency programs in which we sponsor our grad students include SOMA, Skowhegan, Ox-Bow, and Vermont Studio Center.

Admissions overview

Studio Faculty
: Nicole Awai, Troy Brauntuch, Sarah Canright, Dan Sutherland, John Yancey
Photography + Media: Anna Collette, Teresa Hubbard
Print: Lee Chesney, Tim High, Leslie Mutchler, Jason Urban
Sculpture + Extended Media: Amy Hauft, Beili Liu, Jack Risley, Margo Sawyer, John Stoney, Jeff Williams
Transmedia: Kristin Lucas, Bogdan Perzyński, Michael Smith

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