JIM DINE: HOUSE OF WORDS. The Muse and Seven Black Paintings
Accademia Nazionale di San Luca
Above: Jim Dine, The Flowering Sheet (Poet Singing). Courtesy of the artist and Richard Gray Gallery.
Above: Jim Dine, The Flowering Sheet (Poet Singing). Courtesy of the artist and Richard Gray Gallery.
October 27, 2017–February 3, 2018

Accademia Nazionale di San Luca
piazza Accademia di San Luca, 77
00187 Rome Italy

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From October 27, 2017 to February 3, 2018 the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca and the Richard Gray Gallery (Chicago/New York) will present the exhibition entitled JIM DINE. HOUSE OF WORDS. The Muse and Seven Black Paintings at the exhibition halls of Palazzo Carpegna's historical site, near the Fontana di Trevi in Rome.

The exhibition will celebrate the election into the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca of Jim Dine, representing the mutual tribute that the artist and the institution exchange.

Jim Dine has since gained a place of great importance in American and international culture. Among the first to conceive and experience happening, he had an open and inclusive idea of reality and experience that was also considered unusual. He was present at the legendary Biennale of Venice in 1964 where the Pop Art phenomenon internationally exploded. A complex artist, he has had up until now creative seasons marked by strong expressive autonomy.

The exhibition will occupy the gallery on the ground floor of the Accademia and will feature the entire unprecedented paintings cycle known as "Black Paintings," conceived in 2015 in his Paris studio. The seven large format canvases are characterized by a plastic use of pictorial matter and dense colours that articulate highly expressive narrative fragments referring to the different titles of works such as The Joseph Poem, The History of Screams - Bernini, Damaged by a Crack, Mad Dog Swimming, A Sign of its Pale Color - Tenderness, Eunice is Gone, Happy. Anew. A Parrot at Sunrise, The Blood Moon.

The central hall will host the "total" piece known as The Flowering Sheets (Poet Singing), presented at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles in 2008: an installation consisting of five large wooden sculptures surrounding a giant white self-portrait of plaster, polyester and wood; the walls will be entirely marked and written by The Flowering Sheets (Poet Singing), a poem written by the artist himself who will read it at an evening-concert in the Chiesa dei Santi Luca e Martina church at the Roman Forum on Tuesday, November 7 at 6:30pm.

For the exhibit a bilingual catalogue (Italian/English) will be published with texts written by Paola Bonani, Lorand Hegyi, Vincent Katz, Claudio Zambianchi and with a text that appeared in the magazine Marcatré in 1965 where Alberto Boatto, who recently passed away, sketched a vivid portrait of the artist.

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge

November 15, 2017


Accademia Nazionale di San Luca, Rome