September 15, 2017

Call for exposition and proposals: Alliances & Commonalities

Stockholm University of the Arts

Per Bolkert.

The Stockholm University of the Arts invites you to join us in exposing and experiencing the ideas, actions and articulations currently at work, and at play, in Artistic Research.

Inviting research from across disciplines, aesthetics and modes of practice, the conference focus is on the ways, means and places in which we meet—the shared materials, the common practices, the artistic alliances, the creative commonalities.

There are four profile areas in research at the Stockholm University of the Arts. The profile areas will be used to curate four discrete yet allied conference forums. We ask you to specifically direct your proposal to one/or more of the profile areas:

Concept and Composition explores the myriad web of influences, inspirations, methods, and techniques that artists use in their artistic and creative processes.

Bodily and Vocal Practices explores the techniques, methods and systems used in the articulation, interpretation and communication of creative ideas and visions through the use of body and voice.

Site, Event, Encounter explores the interplay between art and society, considering the protean nature of participation in contemporary art practices/processes/events and the many and various contexts and conditions in which 21st Century artists work.

Art, Technology, Materiality addresses media and technology as cultural, material and social conditions and networks occurring in, and engaged through, artistic practice.

We are particularly interested in exposing and presenting a wide range of research activities - projects in their very early stages of development, fragments or select parts of projects, projects that experiment with multi-various formats and modes of exposition.

We envision Alliances and Commonalities as a framed encounter with the multiple subjectivities at play in the research field of Artistic Practice—a meeting of individual and collective imaginations.

Where and when
The conference will be situated throughout the rooms, theatre spaces and studios of the Stockholm University of the Arts from October 25 to 27, 2018.

In 1600 words or less, briefly outline your proposal and address it to one/or more of the four profile areas. Please note that both the proposal and the presentation should be in English.

Please provide a concise biography of the participating artists/researchers and indicate any specific technical and/or space needs you may have.

Contextual information in the form of websites, sound and image links etc. are welcome. Please observe that the attached files may not exceed 10mb.

Address your proposal to ac2018skh [​at​]

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