August 29, 2017

ArtePrize 2017: open call for young artists


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ArtePrize 2017 is an exciting new art prize which is awarded by ArteVue and Delfina Foundation.

ArtePrize 2017 is free to enter and is a non-profit global art prize specifically designed for young artists aged between 18-30 years old.

Unlike other art prizes, ArtePrize 2017 harnesses the power of technology, making the art prize very easy to enter. Entrants simply download ArteVue Art App on their phone, upload their art work and submit their entry via a PDF tool within the App. ArtePrize 2017 aims to be an all-inclusive global art prize, open to all young artists wherever they are.

From all the entries received, a judging panel will select ten artists who will feature in a week long stand-alone group exhibition at Delfina Foundation, London starting on November 20, 2017, from which one overall winner will be selected on the opening night.

The prize winner will receive a cash prize of 15,000 USD and a coveted three-month all-expenses paid artist residency at Delfina Foundation in London.

Our esteemed Judging Panel includes:
–Aaron Cezar (Chair), Founding Director of London’s Delfina Foundation
–Nada Reza, Curator of the Tate Research Centre
–Rebecca Anne Proctor, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Art
–Joe Kennedy, Founder of The Unit Gallery
–Rana Begum, Award Winning British Artist
–Shohidul Ahad-Choudhury, Founder of ArteVue and ArtePrize

The theme for ArtePrize 2017 is "The Art World of The Future”. Artists are asked to create a piece that shows their interpretation of the art world of the future. The topic questions whether society is ultimately moving towards an unlimited, free, open and limitless global creative environment—or whether technology restricts, reduces creativity and takes away the value of draftsmanship, encourages plagiarism and ultimately creates new boundaries that never existed before? Perhaps it’s somewhere in-between. ArtePrize 2017 aims to create debate and stimulate discussion.

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