September 6, 2017

Fall programme: seminars, conferences and events

Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm

RIA interior.

Rutiga golvet is a newly refurbished space in the main building of RIA which once hosted Filialen, the legendary experimental exhibition space that served as an extension Moderna museet in the late ‘60s and early 70s. During the fall, E2­­–E4, a program series by Kim West, Lars Bang Larsen and Stefanie Hessler, occupies the space and turns it into a workshop for discursive activities. Exhibiting, publishing and theoretical reflection will be linked together in explorations of the use values of the exhibition as a critical information system, in the service of education, aesthetic experience, and public dissemination.

September 15, 10am–5pm
Curating NoThing. On Notions of Dematerialization in the Exhibition Context
How can an exhibition, the traditional arena for curated things, be a medium to reflect the implications of information and virtuality in art and society? The conference aims at opening this discussion on the changing roles of exhibitions, institutions and curating in the context of dematerialization. Ivana Bago, Daniel Birnbaum, Annette Jael Lehmann, Ana Texeira Pinto, Sven-Olov Wallenstein and performance by Dora García. Organized by Nina Möntmann.

October 25–26
Equal Before the Image—a film screening and seminars event in conjunction with the postmaster course Critical Images
This event aims to establish an international, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary discourse together with the anonymous film collective Abounaddara and Dork Zabunyan, Paris8, contributing to a universal reflection on the right to the image and ethics of representation. Partipants among others: Khaled Alwarea, Nathalie Delbard, Avo Kaprealian, Charif Kiwan, Raya Yamisha, Dork Zabunyan.

This is a collaboration between RIA and the Swedish Institute, Södertörn University, and Stockholm University of the Arts organized by Senior Lecturer Katarina Nitsch, RIA.

Decolonizing Architecture, postmaster course led by Professor Alessandro Petti
This course uses the term decolonization as a starting point to understand the globalized present and the associated contemporary conditions of exile, displacement and migration, revolts and struggles against oppression and domination with the aim to produce a convincing new conceptual vocabulary and practice engaged in today’s struggles for justice and equality.

RIA activities outside of Stockholm

Oscar Lara, PhD candidate, presents parts of his doctoral research through the exhibition Within Heritage Movements at the MALI museum in Lima, Peru, during September. He will also hold his 25% PhD progression seminar in conjunction with public screenings and talks by invited guests.

RIA collaborates with Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) with a printmaking workshop in Athens, Greece during September.

Ellie Ga, researcher at RIA, exhibits with Strophe, a turning, a video installation at Bureau in New York City during October.

The Royal Institute of Art (RIA) in Stockholm is a leading art institution of higher education located in Stockholm with a long artistic tradition dating back to the beginning of the 18th century. The education offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Fine Arts and postgraduate studies in Architecture. RIA also run an active international program with lectures, exhibitions and publications. The Vice Chancellor of the Royal Institute of Art is Sara Arrhenius.

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