Alliances & Commonalities conference
Stockholm University of the Arts
Above: Courtesy Per Bolkert.
Above: Courtesy Per Bolkert.
Proposing artistic research as a meeting of individual and collective imaginations
October 25–27, 2018

Call for exposition: September 1–October 31, 2017

Stockholm University of the Arts
Linnégatan 87
SE-115 23 Stockholm

Stockholm University of the Arts invites researchers, scholars and practitioners to join us in sharing the ideas, actions and articulations currently at work, and at play, in the research field of artistic practice. Inviting research from across disciplines, modalities and aesthetics, the conference focus is on the ways, means and places in which we meet—the shared materials, the common practices, the artistic alliances, the creative commonalities.

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July 12, 2017


Stockholm University of the Arts, Stockholm