May 23, 2017

Curatron open calls: Aldea residency, Tag Team exhibition and Platform Stockholm exhibition

Aldea Institute for Contemporary art

(1) Christinegård Villa. (2) Halvor Rønning, Stopwatch, Mayonnaise, Bible at Tag Team Gallery. (3) Residency dinner at Christinegård Villa. (4) Zuzanna Czebatul, Antoine Donzeaud, Félicia Atkinson, GMT + 1 at Platform Stockholm

Aldea residency & Tag Team exhibition
Aldea is offering the opportunity to undertake a one month residency from October 10 to November 12 for three artists and an additional exhibition at Tag Team Studio on November 3 in Bergen, Norway.

The selected artists will be housed within a 15 minute walk from the downtown core in the beautiful Christinegård Villa and the Tag Team gallery and workshop will serve as a communal studio and production space until exhibition date.

Each artist will receive:
–a single room inside the Villa
–paid travel expenses (Maximum 5000 NOK)
–daily allowance 200 NOK/day
–7000 NOK in production fees for exhibition

The selected group will also be offered 2500 SEK to employ a writer to prepare a text for the exhibition. In addition to the group exhibition each artist will be expected to give a small talk on his/her work. Applications from Norway based residents is not permitted.

More details on residency / Apply now / Deadline: May 31

Platform Stockholm exhibition
Platform will be selecting 1 to 5 artists for a group or solo show within our gallery through Curatron´s multi-range algorithm. Due to the unpredictable size of the group we have built a fluctuating budget.

We have also developed a multi-range budget in order to predict costs based on the numbers of artists showing. For one solo exhibition: 9,800 SEK in production costs, 4,800 NOK artist fee, 5,600 SEK in maximum shipping and 7,200 SEK maximum travel. For a 5 person exhibition each artist will receive; 2,600 SEK in production costs, 1,500 NOK artist fee, 1,500 SEK maximum for shipping and 2,200 SEK for maximum travel.

We will further support selected artists with accommodation, installation and promotion of the event. The selected group will also be offered 2500 SEK to employ a writer to prepare a text for the exhibition.

More details on residency / Apply now / Deadline: May 31

Aldea is new arts organization based in Bergen, Norway that manages artist working studios, a gallery, a public professional grade workshop and has inherited the residency program from the Flaggfabrikken - Center for Contemporary Art.

Tag Team Studio is a non-profit, partially artist-run gallery for contemporary art in Bergen, Norway. The studio consists of a gallery space, a project room/office and a workshop (wood and metal). Tag Team Studio is an open and flexible platform with a focus on regional production of contemporary art. We are open Friday to Sunday during all exhibitions, or by appointment.

Platform Stockholm is an arts organization based in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to the development of cultural production through building digital infrastructure that supports shared resource initiatives. Platform Stockholm manages a large studio collective, operates a gallery space and creates software for use in artistic institutions.

We will be using the Curatron software system as our method to define the artists within the group of the residency. Curatron is an online software tool developed to involve artists directly in the curatorial selection process. Each artist applying for the residency can view the entire pool of applicants and select other applicants they would like to spend their residency with. Curatron then calculates the final group from every applicant’s selection.

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