July 26, 2004 expands of its online service.

Art & Education expands of its online service.

The combined subscriber base of Edu-News comprises nearly forty thousand international writers, critics, art historians, curators, artists, collectors, and other visual-arts professionals. All announcements will be archived on our site, creating a valuable, free research tool for both art lovers and art professionals.

“Edu-News is indispensable for getting the word out to thousands of arts professionals around the globe. We have had a great response, and almost immediately! It is certainly the most effective advertising we have undertaken, and we value this service immensely.”

–Kathy Battista, Research Fellow, The London Consortium

“Edu-News has been extremely helpful to all of our searches. The fact that we can reach so many people so quickly, thanks to your fast turnaround, has been indispensable.”

–Laura Mosquera, Director of Faculty Services, Art Institute of Chicago

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